setup for loopy and softstep

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anyone have the setup for loopy to softstep for transport button functions ?


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    No, but I do recommend you "learn to fish" with the SoftStep. There are plenty of good tutorials on line, but it does take a lot of effort. Once you learn how to do some simple button presets, though, you can do it really quickly.

    For a quick and easy no-sweat setup, try just using the SoftStep with one of its Standalone mode "factory scenes." (Find this info in your manual, as well as how to hook it up to stuff.) Try the factory "Notes" scene, which sends a different note on/off MIDI command for each SoftStep button. Then in Loopy, use MIDI bindings to "learn" one button at a time, and assign buttons to the Loopy functions you want to use. You want Loopy to learn the "Note on" command, which is the one SoftStep will send when you put your foot on a button (it sends a note off when you lift your foot). (You could use the "Program Change" scene, but it sounds like Loopy has some problems with that until the next update.)

    That will immediately give you 8 buttons to control Loopy.

  • Yes I have done this and everything works . Till I get to the record button and then Loopy gives me a error message 247 not supported . Do you have a softStep ?
    check out this link.

  • Yes, I have a SoftStep. Cool promo video from Sweetwater for Loopy!! Promote it!!

  • Very interesting! My friend has Softstep, but I was not aware it could be run without the laptop based manager app.

    I'll be watching this topic - post if you figure it out! ;-)

  • Can I use soft step with a hub? If not can I use the KMI soft step expander to send midi to my io4 (5pin din)? I would like to first be able to have some loopy bindings and a few jam up bindings and eventually some Turnado (to take advantage of the tweakability of the softstep). Just got the softstep and can't find much on using it in this manner.. Please wake me from my dream otherwise

  • Yes, the Softstep should work just fine without a computer, as long you have a compliant doo-dad (such as iConnect MIDI or Kensington unit) that will convert/send USB MIDI to 5-pin DIN MIDI. And, yes, it will work with a USB powered hub. At least it does on mine...

  • Thanks soundog! Haven't had any time to start programming the softstep, just been searching for any info. Now I just need an iconnect 4+. Can you control more than one app with your softstep, in one scene? Like loopy bindings on 6 buttons, jam up presets on the other 4 and expression. Really dig your setup, man.

  • Yeah, you can send MIDI to multiple devices, either from the same button, or separate buttons. Its really very flexible. BUT ... you have to spend time studying how to program it (fill in fields with info using their software) in order to customize the scenes. Its challenging to understand at first, but there are plenty of tips on the forums, and you can also study the existing scenes that ship with the unit. Also, use some software that will monitor what MIDI is being sent (like Midi Monitor on a Mac, which is free).

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