anyone want to see/hear? guitar>>scarlett2i2>>jamupXT>>magellan [fx]>>loopyHD [all in Audiobus]

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I just had a really fun acoustic jam with the setup I described in the title. If everyone else is doing this kind of thing already, then carry on and ignore this post (or better yet, post your own video below). If it would be of interest to see this in a youtube video, I might be convinced to video it next time and post the process. let me know :)


  • Bring it on ;)

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    Ah well, here we go then. The funny thing is I never managed to leave the sofa this evening. So the guitarism app was substituted for my guitar and ... Your imagination will have to substitute for video, because I didn't manage to get out the video camera either LOL.

    Nonetheless I had great fun with this, in under 1.5 hrs of playing around with Loopy.

    If you care for the details:
    I got audiobus going, laid down a clean drum loop from DM1 into LoopyHD.
    Then I put in clean guitar loops from guitarism app, and filtered them thru Magellan for some delay, filter, EQ, compression and flanger effects.
    Next I added bass and lead synths from Animoog. (Ack, Sorry the bass is a bit much in the mix).

    That was it for the jam session.

    Then I recorded it all in a loopy session play-thru, during which I had the drum loop routed via Audiobus thru Magellan's hi/ lo pass filters. Yay for being able to turn on "live input recording". This meant I could send the drum loop from loopy thru Magellan filters and back into loopy recording live onto the session recording.

    Magellan can learn midi so I had a simple x/y pad set up in MidiDesigner Pro on a separate iPod to alter the drum loop during the performance.

    And that was it! at the end it went straight to soundcloud. So, I honestly have dozens of silly jam sessions like this on Loopy and I figured I might as well share one, even if it isn't anywhere near my idea of a polished song.

  • Also, still hoping to do a video as originally planned... another day

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    Jeez man, that's actually quite nice.Not laughing here.
    Not an iOS user yet: What is Guitarism and how is it manipulated ? Guitar sounds are actually better than a lot of synths at ridiculous prices.

    Look forward to more.


  • Hey oscarecroe, thanks for that. Did you find guitarism? It's an iPhone only app, here:

    It works pretty well 2x on the iPad. Look it up on the Audiobus forums for lots of candid user comments and comments from the dev too.

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