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JAMHUB for loopy HD through Apogee one for ipad?

edited February 2013 in Equipment

Hey everbody.
New here, I am starting to buy some equipment to start using loopy as a looper/recorder.
I am planning to buy the new apogee one ios and jambus

Have someone ever tried top connect jambus to a soundcard in loopy?
It looks awesome.

I was thinking the following connection route:
GTR1 - Guitar - Axe fx2 - JAMHUBch1 - apogee one - loopy ch1
GTR2 - Guitar - Roland GR55 - JAMHUBch2 - apogee one - loopy ch2
MIC - MIC - JAMHUBch1 - apogee one - loopy ch3

Apogee - USB powered HUB ch1
McMillen Softstep - USSB powered HUB ch2

Do you guys think this will work?

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