pat loopy wishlist

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Hello, this is my first post here.
(sory for my english)

This is my loopy wishlist:

1. Loop Behavior
loop - play cell as loop (as it is now)
one shot - play cell only one time
hold - play wave only when holding cell
2. Loop start
sync now - loop is unmuted when you tap cell (as it is now)
sync from start - when you tap cell wave is muted until loop reach begen
start now - loop is unmuted and start playing when you tap cell (but is not synced to other loops)
3. loop end
stop now - loop is muted immediately (as it is now)
stop on end - loop is played until reach his end..
fade out - loop is fades out to end.
4. grouping cells (A,B,C,D, none)
toogether - when you heave cells in one togheter group when you umnute(start)/mute(stop) one cell you act one group.
separatly - when you have cells in one separatly group - when you unmute(start) one cell you mute(stop) any other cell in that group

5. Renaming sets.
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