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Line 6, LoopyHD, and Roland Handsonic

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I want to perform live looping with my Roland Handsonic (HPD-15) though Loopy HD on my ipad2. I just purchased a Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II along with its software app (MIDI Memo) which seems to work just fine. I can't seem to get any sound when I try to use this connection with LoopyHD. Loopy does identify the Mobilizer II, but I don't get any sound other than the looping of the ipad mic picking up me tapping on my Handsonic. I'm pretty new with MIDI, etc. Is there something I'm missing?


  • I use my HandSonic 10...great instrument. I use it going through a small behringer sub mixer into a sound card to a CCK.

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    Since the MIDI mobilizer only sends MIDI data, not audio,
    you'll either need to:

    1. Use the on-board Handsonic sounds and get a class compliant sound card and the CCK to send the audio to your iPad. (MIDI Mobilizer is not necessary). Loopy will be able to record the audio input. --OR--

    2. Use the MIDI Mobilizer to send note trigger messages to a sampler app on your iPad. The app needs to be Audiobus compliant and Core MIDI compliant. No additional hardware would be needed, but you would have to buy a few apps to get it all working, and sending audio to Loopy.

    Check here http://audiob.us/ for more info.

  • I would like to get it to work with option 2. Does anyone know specifically which apps (along with audiobus) I would need to use the handsonic's internal sounds with loopy hd? Sorry I'm rather new with this.

  • No apps needed for the internal sounds to be used. Just get a external soundcard that is class compliant (plug and play) and plug that into a CCK (or a powered HUB if needed) and then plug in your HandSonic! Easy as pie!

  • @abrokenrecord is right that it should be easy with CCK and a sound card (what I tried to describe in option 1 above). Audiobus however adds highly portable options for easily importing your own samples, adding effects. So its up to what you really want to do with it.

    I would imagine for either option, latency could be an important issue. Loopy does great (I think I read somewhere that the audiobus>loopy chain is 10ms), but I hear some people also have added latency from their soundcards (for option 1). For option 2, your latency adds up from the MIDI Mobilizer to the sound generating app to audiobus to Loopy. It could be minimal, but every 4-5ms adds up and makes a difference for live drumming, so I've heard. I'm by no means an expert. hopefully others have better advice and can tell me I've no idea what I'm writing.

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