Magellan goes silent while recording to Loopy on iPod Touch 4

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  • Hey everyone! I wanted to chime in to see what your opinion was about the Ipod Touch 4 and Audiobus. As soon as I found out about it I rushed to download it. I'm running Magellan Jr and Loopy together right now and having a few issues with the synth going mute right before and after the recording starts. My question is, are these 2 together just too much for the Ipod 4? I'm up to date on everything and all my apps are closed but for Audiobus, Magellan and Loopy. I want you to say no-they are totally fine to run on a 4, but I have a feeling I'm pushing things to their limit. If that's the case does anyone have any experience with a music creator-app that maybe doesn't require as much usage when paired with Loopy? I really just want to use this to mix some very basic ideas down.

  • Hey Micheal, what's happening is when I've got both Magellan and Loopy running, I can play Magellan with no issues, until I hit that record button. It mutes any playing I do right before and right after the recording kicks in. Sometimes it holds the note as well. I'm running at the 512 frames and all other apps closed and all that. The wierd thing is that it seems to be better if I just manually hit the record and play. If I actually set up the metronome and beats per loop, it always glitches. Like I said, this may just be too much proccessing for the old Ipod 4. I downloaded GyroSynth today and seem to be having the same problems recording that.

  • I think you might be right about it being too much for the iPod Touch 4, @Guitarmadness - that's actually below our minimum hardware requirements, so I'm not enormously surprised. Upgrade time, perhaps? Who doesn't like new toys? ;-)

  • (Mind you - if latency really is a problem on the iPod Touch 5th gen, then beware; wait till we get to the bottom of that first, if we can!

  • Hey Micheal, thanks for the reply. I did try running my guitar through the same set-up, Loopy and Magellan, using Magellan as an effect. That way I could control Loopy through your screen, rather than Magellans. It worked just fine, no stuttering. I will still tinker since I like Magellan's synth, but glad to see that. PLUS! I don't know if you remember but I had posted some stuff about bleeding audio with my Tascam ixz guitar interface awhile back, and at the time you said that there was not alot to be done about it, so I just stopped trying until I wanted to try out the Magellan filter. Loopy worked perfectly with no bleeding from track to track! Was that something that you fixed or a miracle of Audiobus or what! Whatever it was, I'm super stoked about it.

  • That's odd! Maybe the filtering Magellan does masks it?

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