Problems with Clock Input over Wi-Fi

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It seems the only way I can get Loopy to receive the clock input over Wi-Fi from another iPad is to turn on MIDI OUT as well as CLOCK SEND on the sending app, which of course just causes my loops to stutter and skip all over the place. I have the Clock Input set to Network Session. This happens with BeatMaker, FunkBox, Molten, Genome MIDI. Primarily trying to get it to work with BeatMaker. Any thoughts?


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    So I can get it to work using Genome as the master running on the same iPad as BeatMaker 2 with Loopy HD running on the second iPad. I'd rather just have BeatMaker 2 be the master since I'm not using Genome for anything else but for the time being I guess this will work. Anyone have any experience sending the clock from BeatMaker 2 over WiFi to Loopy HD?

  • Hey @stmfp - I've just been testing the MIDI clock sync over WiFi, and it's working perfectly here. Maybe a misconfiguration somewhere on your end?

    I know that MIDI on iOS is a mess at the moment. We're working on this, but it won't happen tomorrow.

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