What do you use to hold your iPad on stage?

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I was looking at an iKlip,


but I'm thinking I like the look of the K&M holders.


What are you guys using?


  • I use iKlip. I like it.

  • Two Questions -
    1. You can't use these with a case on them can you?

    1. My camera connection kit keeps coming loose and falling partway out, which obviously disconnects the microphones and midi from Loopy. What do you guys do to keep it on? It's started freezing my ipad when it falls out and I put it back in so I have to do a hard reset. Obviously nothing close to ideal in a live situation.
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    To answer your first question - no.

    To answer your second first question :-Q I dunno. I just picked up my CCK this afternoon and its still in my pocket.

    I found that sometimes my charger wouldn't fit snugly in the iPad's socket and it could fall out easily. The problem wasn't the plug, it was grit and crap in the socket. I cleaned it out with a pin and hey presto.

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    @nicolai185 - I don't think the dock connector was designed with the thought of cables and things hanging out of it. Except to sync.

    My suggestions would be :

    • tape the CCK to the back of the iDevice. ( it could get messy after multiple times, but it's cheap )
    • adhesive backed Velcro ( hook and loop ). A small piece stuck on the back of the CCK and iDevice/cover ( the fuzzy side - loop ), then a piece off non-adhesive backed to connect the two ( the rough side - hook ). Reusable and no gummy mess. Colors to match so it wouldn't be very noticeable.

    Also support or secure any cables, so their weight won't cause it to be pulled out.

  • I've had my eye on thegigeasy side mount stand but can't decide if it's worth the cash. Anyone using this mount and like it? http://www.thegigeasy.com/

  • Nicolai, today I used a strip of clear Sellotape to hold the CCK and USB in place. Even if you encroach onto the screen the touchscreen still works fine. The cables are held solidly.

    And that was only on the front, put some on the back as well and the connectors ain't goin' anywhere.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I'll try some of those. For now, I bought this dock connector (that's supposed to charge it as well, but it didn't work well for me) and it fits really snug so it doesn't fall out. It's working great for now.

  • I'm not sure what it's supposed to do. Is it a substitute for the CCK?

  • I bought an iKlip today, but I'm taking it back tomorrow.

    I mainly use my iPad in landscape and I just don't think it's held securely enough - it slides out really easy.

    If the mic stand got bumped I'm worried that the iPad will get ejected.

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    Took the iKlip back and the K&M iPad holder arrived in the post this morning.

    Almost double the price of the iKlip and worth every penny.

    Securely holds the iPad on all four sides and change from landscape to portrait and back at will - no need to pull it apart each time.

    Feels very sturdy too.



  • iKlip is a piece of poop.
    I actually put mine on a music stand.

  • I got this about a month ago:
    It now says it's currently unavailable; not sure what's up with that. But I can say that I think it's great, and it was $24 total.

  • I am waiting for the redesigned iKlip 2 as it is meant to have a better, secure system.

  • @Jordan After looking at all the mounting options for quite some time, I also ended up buying that stand and I really like it so far. I think parts-express still carries it, but they are also out of stock at the moment.

    Here's my rig in progress:

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    These are my recommended (https://www.uhhhhhnope.), you can adjust your iPad more freely, safely place your iPad to view and use at the best viewing angle, and all buttons and ports work.

  • I use the amor-x system.
    Lightweight, ultra-flexible, reliable, HIGHLY recommended!

  • Apparently a spambot found this 5 year old thread and posted some iPad stands that would be absolutely awful for use on stage. Link removed from @sherryamber post for the safety of all of our iPads :D

    Since we are here, @ttk care to post a picture?

  • I wish to play a guitar on one channel using amplitube through audiobus to Loopy, and the second channel for mic and another app to have effects on vocals through audiobus and to Loopy again and also my Midi keyboard.

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