Any opinions on the Yamaha MFC10 midi foot controller?

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One's come up for sale just down the road. Probably more than I need with the expression pedal and all, but it gets better reviews than the Behringer.


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    The MFC10 is a nice midi foot controller, but in looping forums it has always been derided for having too much latency. This has been a recurrent criticism for the Yamaha board for years. Yamaha will tell you that's not true,but.... Do a Google search with the name and the word "latency".

    I never seemed to have much problem with latency in controlling an Electrix Repeater and a Looperlative with the MFC10, but maybe I have an innate latency corrector somewhere in my personal circuitry that compensates. ( some folks do)

    Good luck

  • "...Electrix Repeater and a Looperlative with the MFC10"

    I haven't felt this gear jealous in a long long time.

  • Well, I've taken the plunge.

    I pick it up on Monday.

    Now the learning curve begins. From what I've heard re; MIDI programming, I'm in for rough,frustrating few weeks...

  • As long as the connections are good, Loopy is a breeze to program.

  • Muzza,

    It really isn't that difficult.
    You do need to understand their "code" as far as the digital read out, but it shouldn't take weeks. The manual is pretty straight forward.(that's unusual)
    It is actually a very nice piece of kit. You can play 4 note chords per button - with velocity sensitivity -- if you have a keyboard or an app with midi triggered notes.Multiple messages per button press is also available.
    Pay attention to the two "modes" provided. Opens up lots of possibility with minimal tap dancing.

    I'm not running Loopy yet, but if the app has "auto learn" for bindings, ( it does, doesn't it? No manual up that I've seen yet) just use MFC 10 factory presets and have at it.

    Above all ----> have fun!

    Syrupcore: They are wonderful machines but the main lack, in both, is dead on external clock sync. Hoping Loopy will be able to nail this one!

    Respect, O

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    I finally picked it up this afternoon.

    Now it's time to start trawling through the manual :-(

  • Hey man,

    If I remember right the manual is in several languages. It's not as thick as it looks!

  • Yep. The guy couldn't find the manual so he downloaded it and printed off the English pages.

    I hope I can call on you if (when) I hit a wall?

  • This looks like a better pedal for performing "Loopys" than, say, the clunky Behringer or even the finicky SoftStep. Muzza, please let us know how it works out for you.

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    When I picked the Yamaha up, the seller could only find one MIDI lead, though his advert said MIDI lead'S' (plural), so to compensate me, he gave me this;

    I was just going to put it on eBay, but I'm thinking it would make a great portable system - iPhone, iRig, CCK, this interface and the Yamaha controller.

    I'll let you know how I get on... just don't hold your breath. I've got a ways to go!

  • I use something similar into my CCK for control and you the sound card for audio input.

  • Hello...I just ordered a used mfc 10 from guitar center for $ was that or the fcb1010. I went with yamaha because of the expansion but more importantly the switches do not look like they would be as loud as the other.I plan to run it through the irig pro into my ipad 2 just to mess around on amplitude,bias and jam up.

  • So Muzza, what was your experience with the MFC10?

    It seems like people just drop off the face of the earth and never report their findings! :)

  • Well I can say for myself that I love it....I had to do some research on midi...I mean deep..but I work it like a pro with my irig pro...the expression pedal is nice and works well...Very easy to program..the behringer is probably just as was a toss up so it depends on which one you can catch on sale but I heard they're the same size...being that I found the yamaha on sale I bought it used as opposed to a new fcb which was about $10 more.

  • Sorry @franz_schiller. I do tend to drop off the face of the loopy forum quite often, but keep coming back to see if the MIDI command that I've been waiting for has been implemented yet.

    The MFC10 as mentioned by @Wigz is a great bit of kit, much more elegant looking than the Behringer offering in my opinion.

    I had one problem with it but that was just me not driving it properly. The only 'problem' I have with it is its WAAAY more than I actually need. I've recently bought a BlueBoard and that's enough for what I want to do. Too bad you're not in Australia - I'd sell it to you.

  • I've had mines for a few months now....its big as hell that's my only complaint. I paid $125 for It doubt I ever get rid of it but I think me and you are on the same page because I'm getting a blueboard next week..

  • Hi muzza,

    I am a Tyros 4 owner and I'm on the market for a mfc10 board to change my settings on the fly without taking my hands off the keyboard. I live in Australia and was wondering if you would be interested in selling your board?


  • Sure. Where are you?
    Make me an offer. It includes a printout of the manual and the power supply.
    Sorry for not replying sooner. I don't come here often any more as I'm now in a band and my solo/looping plans are on indefinite hold.
    I'm on the Sunshine Coast 0403 702 847

  • I got my blueboard last week and I dig it a lot...I'll probably always keep my mfc though for really technical things I need to do...I also got a roland Ev-5 as well and I actually use that with the mfc on my laptop and it double over as a drum (hi hat pedal) controller.Im Set!!

  • Hey all, is it possible to program it to make the buttons to send CCs on different channels or is it all the board on one channel kind of thing?

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