Using Loopy HD As A Music Playback Machine/Jam Box

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I've been working at trying to get Loopy HD to be a playback device where I start/stop loops one at a time ie. Verse/Chorus/Verse/ Intro/Outro. So far I've been able to import loops and get them to play however I'm trying to figure out what are the best trigger bindings to assign where I would start one loop say as an intro and then trigger the next one and have the first one stop or in other words play loops back one at a time. I followed an example setup from someone here who assigned the first 4 pedals of the FCB1010 to trigger record without count in. It would be nice if there were parameters that you could assign that we're dedicated as "Start" "Stop" "Record". And so on.

I've also run into an issue where the loops I imported are all part of a song from Ableton and so far I can't them all to play back in synch or even without being synced some of them are not looping at their respective loop points which Inknew might happen importing them into Loopy. Is there a way to make all the loops independent of each other so that they can play back their full length? Perhaps I am missing something most likely. I stayed up way too late trying to work some of these things out. So far I keep Track synch off to at least get most of them to play back fully but several loops cut in too early or too late and play at different tempos even though they were recorded in synch on Ableton.



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    I'm interested in doing this as well, But I couldn't have asked the question so eloquently. So I'm in eagerly anticipation of an answer too...

  • Hello,
    I'm a guitar player, don't have Loopy yet, I'd like to be able to store long (pre-recorded) loops that could start in sync so i could improvise on it (and add new loops); is it possible ?
    Thank you very much.

  • @radio, definitely! check out the videos on the main website to see some good examples of synced loops with live improvisations.

  • Hello Hmtx,
    Thank you very much for your answer .

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