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A very cheap foot controller for loopy HD

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Waiting for an alesis io4 to connect my FCB1010 by midi I've tried this usb foot switch (FS3-P) using the CCK and although my iPad 2 said that it is not compatible, it works fine!!!. A very cheap solution ($29) to control the great loopy with 3 pedals for those with no very special looping needs or those who need a very light and portable system.

Thank you Michael for this great app



  • Hi Emid what do you assign the three pedals to do? Sounds like a great compact, affordable way to go.

  • That's neat. For 30 bucks it could be worth it as an expansion pedal too!

  • That was my thought. If loopy ever gets effect sends this would be awesome. Like, adjust fx send 1, 2, and 3 could be your bindings.

  • Jonnyj, it works like a keyboard so you should use Settings: General: Key bindings. With this controller you can add 3 bindings (sends a keystroke for each pedal and you can define keys for pedals by software so, in theory, it is possible to connect 2 o more foot controllers at the same time!).

    I have found the same foot controller in this site (I got it from dx but in this site its cheaper. But don't know about shipping charges):


    Mine is FS3-P (P=Plastic; $21.50). There is a FS3-M model (M=Metal) for $27.50. It should be more robust than mine. In any case, agree with syrupcore: It's also a great expansion for other bigger midi foot controllers.

  • Emid how do you connect this pedal to the ipad ??

  • And how do you connect a guitar at the same time??

  • You'll need a powered USB hub, a musical instrument interface and an ipad camera connection kit.

    Oh, and an iPad

  • so i have the griffin studio connect the f3s-m pedal and powered usb is easy to buy so how do i set it all up ...oh have the ipad too?? any help would be grateful.

  • Have you looked at this page yet?


  • Anyone tried the iRig Blueboard bluetooth wireless midi pedalboard?
    I have. works like a dream! no cables.. just setup the IK app first so it recognises the pedalboard, then launch Loopy. then you can bind to it. brilliant and only £70 (uk). the less wires the better!!


  • In my book the Blueboard doesn't count as "very cheap" option for four pedals, but its a decent price. Also, it only works on newer iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0... which also aren't cheap.

    anyway, with the FS3 and a USB hub, you theoretically could have as many pedals as the hub can fit. Four FS3 pedals into a 4-port USB hub makes 12 separate bindings! I guess by that point you are spending as much as a FCB1010... what with the CCK, USB hub and extra wires. So maybe not that cheap, but a six pedal setup would be reasonable with two FS3s.

  • blueboard 4+2 external pedals.

  • So can anyone explain how I can connect my fs3 and my guitar to the ipad to use loopy...?

  • If you've already got the studio connect, it looks like you'll need a MIDI foot controller, not a USB foot controller.

    I don't have the griffin, but on the photos it looks like it doesn't have USB.

  • Cheers.....maybe I can use an adapter or usb hub..... Or spend more cash on not her pedal !! Don't see the sence in a usb pedal for loopy if you cant loop your guitar at the same time!

  • Another pedal*

  • Sense*...... It's late ........ Yeah your right no usb on the studio connect?? Maybe I need to start again :(((((( I'm a beginner or I will just get a normal loop pedal .

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    this very interesting project using nanoKONTROL.

    will it work in the background?


  • @Coopsy74, IT IS possible to plug a guitar and a foot controller in at the same time, but not with the equipment list that you are proposing.

    If the Griffin doesn't have a USB connection then there is no facility to plug in a USB hub OR a USB foot controller.

    The Griffin has MIDI connections, so get a MIDI foot controller.

    Do you already own the Griffin and FS3? Did you buy them just to use with Loopy?

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    @Ronaldo, I found that video last night as well. I would also would like to know about the foreground/background thing.

    If yes, I'll buy the one I found on eBay last night.

  • I bought the studio connect and was using loopy to loop my guitar and was using audiobus with amplitude as an effect but as I have started using beats too and was getting more advanced I thought it was time for the pedal rather than using my hands . I saw this thread and purchased the pedal as it was cheap but didn't research much ...I'm looking at some adapters ,30 pin to usb that might help me out with a camera kit but I'll see how it goes . It's all down to cash really loopy is awesome and so cheap it's just all the gear you need to use it to its full potential that's expensive .

  • The pedal was only 30 bucks and I'll still use it to control loops but plug my guitar through a seperate input on my amp .....have nt even got the pedal yet it on its way I ordered it online .

  • Yes the nanokontrol works in the background. So does the Blueboard.

  • ok @Ringleader, this is already good news. then I believe that those keyboards midi controllers also work the same way.

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    Yeah I've never experienced a controller not working in the background and I've tried many midi and midi over usb controllers (never tried a Bluetooth keyboard though).

  • USB keyboards only control the foreground app.

  • Yes @muzza, QWERTY keyboard USB or even Bluetooth working only in the foreground, but 99% sure that musical keyboards and MIDI controllers working in the background. Has anyone done this?

  • Keyboards (QWERTY) don't send midi info so that must be the limitation.

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    There is no need to worry about a MIDI keyboard or foot controller functioning in the background. It simply works as long as the app is set to keep its audio engine running when it goes into the background.

    The background problem only applies to key strokes sent by a qwerty keyboard, either USB or Bluetooth. iOS will only send the data to the foreground app.

  • I believe if Loopy able to receive commands Behringer FCB1010 in the background, the other controllers via MIDI and USB keyboards should work too. Or am I wrong?

    Maybe @Tom can answer us about it :D

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