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basic setup information for clueless newbie

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I want to use Loopy on my iPad (preferably my iPhone) with a guitar on stage - so I can loop 'live' (hands free) and as a bonus maybe have some loops in 'storage' that I can access in a few clicks. I can't find a 'how-to' guide that REALLY breaks it down into a 'Loopy for the Clueless iPad user'. Everything I've found so far assumes the reader knows WTF they're talking about...

I don't have any experience with loop pedals but a recent change in musical direction (I quit the band) has sparked an interest in adding a loop pedal to my list of musical appendages.

Ok, so far I can ascertain that I need;
1) an iPad (or iPhone) with Loopy [tick]
2) an 'Apple Camera Kit' [need to get]
3) an 'Airturn' Bluetooth pedal [need to get] and
4) some kind of interface to get the guitar sound [dunno - maybe I already have what I need?]
a) into the iPad
b) out of the iPad and into the amplifier/mixer

I already have a Presonus 22VSL USB powered interface. I also have an iRig (that I've never been really happy with)

Could someone PLEASE give me a step-by-step setup guide on how to connect everything and configure it so everything talks to everything else - so I don't have to go out and spend $500+ on a Boomerang III?

I can already see that it's a GREAT app and I appreciate the programmer's priority is to keep improving the app, and for $8 it's hard to expect him to allocate any time for creating a manual.

I'm hoping one (or some) of the forum members can put together an idiots guide - including a shopping list and what plugs in where and how it all works.

If I've got to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to make this work I may as well find the spondoolies and splash out on the Boomerang.

Please tell me if I'm asking too much.

Then...... when I've got the simple stuff up and running, could someone tell me how that very talented guy in the demo video looped his guitar AND vocals?

My head hurts with the depth of cluelessness I'm currently experiencing.




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    Loopy's Settings contains a Help button that connects you to an FAQ, tutorials, and videos. There's a lot there.

    Also, it sounds like if you just want to get your guitar in, Apogee's Jam or Sonoma's GuitarJack2 will do all you need without having to buy the camera connector. Both connect via the sync Jack. If your device has a lightning connector, you WILL need an adapter for that.

    Sonoma's jack has an audio out and with Jam you can use the headphone jack for an out.

  • Hey,
    While I haven't used that particular presonus interface, (I use the focusrite Scarlett 18i6), I would imagine it would work. Basically all you have to do is buy the camera connection kit and connect the presonus to it with USB. Then you can go one of two routes for the pedalboard. Since it looks like the presonus has midi, you can purchase the Behringer FCB1010 and connect it via midi, or you can use the bluetooth footbpedal (although I've never personally used it, there's stuff on the forum about it)

    Now, the way things are currently set up in Loopy limits the inputs you can use. Basically you can send in one item stereo using your presonus. You would plug your guitar into channel one, then select channel one in Loopy once once you have it connected. You can also use both channels and select 1&2, but then it sends 1 to the left speaker and 2 to the right speaker, so you'd hear one in each ear separately. However, if you output back to mono, you'd be ok there. I bought a cheap 4 channel behringer mixer to run my guitar, keyboard, and vocals into. I premix there, then send one signal to the presonus(in your case) which I then use in Loopy. However, you could also forgo the cheap 4 channel mixer and buy cubasis or auria AND audiobus on the ipad and run everything through the presonus and premix using those programs directly on the ipad, then run that out to loopy through audiobus

    To get the sound out of Loopy, use the headphone jack or outputs on the presonus and you're good to go.

    One additional thing - after doing a quick search of the forum, it looks like the presonus is usb powered. The CCK isn't powerful enough to power it, so you also need a cheap powered USB dock to plug into the CCK first.

    Also, many people on here have had plenty of success using the iRig. If you wanted to do more than one input with that, you'd just get the little mixer I spoke of previously and run the output into the iRig. You wouldn't need the CCK and you wouldn't need the powered USB hub.

    However, there is one ADDITIONAL thing you could do. The presonus could act as your premixer. Because it has that little dial on the far right that allows you to run the sound directly through the mixer (when you turn it all the way to the left) you could run your inputs into that, then run the headphone out to the iRig into Loopy. This would save you from buying a little mixer. However, you'd still have to figure out a way to power the presonus unless you wanted to plug it into a computer. So we're back to buying a powered usb dock (which are cheap).

    You have MANY options for getting your sound into loopy. The cheapest way is to just use your guitar and your iRig. Next cheapest is to buy the powered USB dock, then use the iRig and the presonus as a premixer. These first two options won't allow you to use a midi foot controller, so you'd have to go bluetooth. The final option involves buying the CCK AND the usb dock AND either a cheap mixer or the additional iPad software.

    So good luck. I know I gave you a ton of info and I hope I didn't overwhelm you and I hope I provided something that was somewhat useful. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.


  • Wow! Cheers Nick.

    There's a fair bit to absorb there.

    When you talk about a 'powered hub' are you referring to one of those 4 or 7 port expansion hubs?

  • I wrote that post about 4 hours ago but didn't hit 'post'!

    Since then, i've done a bit of research - following your excellent advice. So;
    I've got a spare 4 port USB2 hub.
    I've got the Presonus interface.
    I've got the ipad2 with Loopy installed.

    If I understand correctly, all I really need, to create a pseudo Boomerang III, is the CCK and a midi foot controller?

    Them there foot controllers ain't cheap, are they! The Behringer seems (to me) overkill for my needs. (Acoustic guitar, vox and blues harp.)

    I'll need to investigate some less 'busy' options...

    Any suggestions?

  • @muzza - comments on the foot controller.

    • It' s about the same price as the FCB1010 but doesn't have any expression pedals (maybe you have no need for them).
    • It is more compact, but you have to switch banks to get to more than 4 patches. If you can do most of your MIDI control with only 4 patches then it's probably a better fit, but if you have to constantly switch banks during a performance/recording, that could be a bit much.
    • it's a not USB MIDI, which means you'll need a MIDI to USB converter ( and one that is USB MIDI Class Compliant) to connect to your USB hub. That's also true for the FCB1010. It also mentions that it is an 8 pin DIN MIDI connection, so you'll need an adapter or adapter cable to connect to a standard 5 pin DIN MIDI connection.
    • the power adapter is an option ( not included )

    Just some things to consider.

  • Also, if you're looping with a live microphone, those switches may end up at the top of every loop!

  • Good points Ganthoffer

    I was thinking I'd use the presonus for the midi. It's got 'regular' MIDI as well as USB MIDI.

    Still not 100% sure if I know what I'm talking about...

    Here's my plan that's forming in the mush that used to be my brain.

    Buy the CCK.

    Connect the CCK to the powered USB hub.

    Connect the Presonus 22VSL to the hub

    Plug guitar into the Presonus

    Determine which foot controller I want and buy it.

    Plug the foot controller into the Presonus too.

    Start the learning curve.

    Am I in the ballpark?

  • @muzza - sorry, I missed that the presonus had standard MIDI connections. You should be good to go.

  • Yes - but in this scenario you will only be able to loop your guitar. You'd have to either buy an external mixer or use an internal ipad mixer like cubasis or auria to add in vox and your harp.

  • I recommend the Behringer XENYX 502 Mixer. You can get it for under $50.


    It has an XLR in and two stereo ins and stereo out. It's what I've used for the past five years.

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    For now, I'd be happy to just get the guitar looping with total foot control.

    If I WAS to play around with looping the vox, (way in the future) couldn't I just use the other Presonus input? It's got 2 x XLR inputs, each with its own controls.

  • I just need to clarify something before I splash out on a foot controller and the CCK.

    As previously mentioned, I already have a Presonus 22VSL ( http://www.presonus.com/products/AudioBox-22VSL/features ) which unfortunately is USB powered. As the iPad won't be able to power the Presonus, I'd have to connect the Presonus via a powered USB hub, which would be connected to the iPad via the CCK.

    A) is that right and

    B) will it work?

  • A) yes
    B) not sure! Worth a shot though. You can always return the powered hub if you don't need it.

  • If you already have a non powered USB hub, just buy a male to male USB cord and plug one into hub and the other into the iPad wall charger plugged in... Works like a charm and saves 25-30 bucks.

  • No problem, I've got a spare powered USB hub.

    I just found the thread about what interface everyone's using and there are 3 successful 22VSL users, so looks like I'm good to go.

    Pick up my Yamaha MFC10 foot controller on Monday - should be able to pick up the CCK today.

    Just saw your demo on YouTube - well done. Perfect introduction. Thank you.

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    Update on my newbie-ness.

    So I get the CCK, plug my USB 2.0 powered hub (5V, 2A) into it, then plug in the Presonus. No light on the interface and the iPad says that it can't supply sufficient current to operate the device.


    So I tried using my USB 3.0 hub (5V, 3A). This time the Presonus lit up like a Christmas tree - but the ipad wouldn't recognise it no matter which program I tried.

    But... this next bit is interesting... I plugged the USB 3.0 hub's 3A power supply into the USB 2.0 hub and it worked!

    So I finally got to have a proper play with Loopy tonight - and found that my timing sucks. This is harder than it looks and is going to take some getting used to.

    But... looking forward to getting the last piece of the puzzle (Yamaha MIDI foot controller) on Monday.

    Thanks to everyone for the help in my various threads.

  • Awesome news. Timing will come! The quantize loop options can really help.

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