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Mic input level - why is it distorting?

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Hey I've just started using loopy. I like the idea of it so far however I'm getting a lot of peaking/distortion as it seems to make the mic too sensitive even when I have the phone away from me and sing quietly. I've not had this issue with other iPhone recording apps like Four Track for example. Does anyone know if this can be resolved? If so loopy would be a very cool Ap!


  • Hey @Rachaelb,

    That's a bit strange - are you sure the track volume isn't up too high?

    Either way, it's on my to-do list to add an input level control, which should sort out the problem if nothing else does =)
  • I'm using the noise/gate expander with excellent results. No noise and uniform level where others apps saturate. I'm using IODock.
  • I'm using the IODock as well with the noise gate on too but I'm having the clipping problem too. The input level on the dock isn't maxed out at all and I've got my amp miced up but it's turned down low too. It weird though, if it starts doing the clipping thing and I reset it then it doesn't clip.
  • Hmm, it's interesting to hear different people seeing different behaviour. Sean, are you seeing the problem with audio coming in the mic, or tracks that are playing, or both? If it's the mic and you, say, mute all tracks, does the mic still distort? I'm trying to figure out whether it's the input that's overloaded, or the combination of all inputs (including playing tracks) that are coming out too hot.
  • Today I had some distortion in the input. It was volume independent and it seemed 'digitally familiar' to me…
    I killed the processes with 'Process Killer' app, then reopen Loopy, and distortion disappeared.
  • It distorts with audio coming in though the mic but if it's recorded while distorting, the distortion is played back too. So far the only way I've found to stop it is resetting the session (only works sometimes) or closing the app and reopenning it. Even pulling the mic out and plugging it back in doesn't work. Hope this helps!
  • Thanks for the info - good lord, how bizarre! Does it happen for you with any other apps that record audio? (I notice @Rachaelb is only seeing it in Loopy)
  • With Looptastic I get a more bizarre one. Some kind of MIDi to audio interference.
    What I observed in Loopy seems like CPU or memory overload, not exactly as audio problem.
    Sounds like Mac with a very big Live project and too sort latency on the audio driver, or CPU overload with too may programs opened, etc.
  • I don't know if I understand it correctly, but I had the distortion problem too.
    I bought the Alesis IODock and tried to record something with my guitar. Sometime during the recording process I got a terrible noise which doesnt disappear. I had this problem not only with loopy but with Garage band too. It will not happen when I connect the guitar with IRig.
  • Oh, that's very telling! If it happens with GarageBand as well, then it's definitely not a Loopy thing, but either a problem with iOS (most likely), or with the IODock itself. It might be worth contacting Alesis and seeing what they say about the problem.
  • Anyone installed the IODock firmware update?
  • Just a heads up. The iO Dock is not fully compatable with iOs 5. Alesis has done a terrible job letting the public know this. If you search "io dock hiss" you will find a forum full of very ugly customers. This problem will be resolved with 5.1 according to Alesis/Apple. I hope so because some of us have been waiting since October to use this dock without distortion and degraded signal. For a quick fix, try shutting everything down and starting up again. This sometimes clears it up for a while, but it will come back.
  • Oh, dear! Thanks heaps for the info, @TheFrapp - that's very helpful.
  • The problem with distorting (I have experienced it too) could be happening because of the settings when the noise gate is switched on? Has anyone tested?

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