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Cck fcb1010 iPod 5

edited February 2013 in Equipment

I would like to setup jamup -> loopy with audiobus, on a ipod 5, and both controlled by an fcb1010 and a cck. I have some questions.

1: if I plug the cck with a powered hub, will I be able have midi control and charge my iPod?
2: is it possible to control jamup and loopy at the same time with the fcb1010?
3: is the cck compatible already with the iPod 5 (I am willing to jailbreak for this if necessary)
4: is more a request. Having an midi option to "after record, mute track" would be very useful.


  • I think the CCK only works with iPads.

  • The CCK does work with the 30 pin connector on iphones and ipods when the cameraconnector tweak from cydia is used. This requires a jailbreak. I wonder if someone knows this can also be done on the new lightning adapter.

  • for people who want to know, i figured it out.
    1: cck does not charge
    2: this i'm not a 100% sure yet but i think midibridge will do the job.
    3: the jailbreak will very likely not work
    4: i see this is included in the last update. Thanks!

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