Input Matrix?

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Hi all,

New here but I'm putting together a 'killer' little live iPad rig with Loopy HD as the centerpiece. The only thing that I don't have ironed out yet is how to loop both virtual midi instruments (via Audiobus) and audio signals. For example, when using Multitrack DAW with a multichannel interface, you can select the Audiobus input on one track and also record additional audio inputs on different tracks simultaneously.

Is this possible with Loopy HD and I am just missing it? Whenever I select an Audiobus based synth path into Loopy HD I can't find a way to also loop the audio signals. It would be fine if the signals were blended, but would be even cooler if there was an input matrix for each loop so you could select which signal you wanted to loop. Can anyone help me out or is this just another feature request? Thanks!


  • Ok so I realized that if I select the mic input along with my virtual synths in the Audiobus inputs that I can achieve what I need. It just means that I have to eliminate one of my virtual synths and can't use an effects slot (for my purposes), but at least it works!

    So chalk this up as a feature request to please add an input matrix so we can assign different inputs to different tracks because that would allow more flexibility but for the time being I'm just happy that I found this other method.

  • Cheers for the feedback @Ringleader!

    We have a couple things in mind that might make this easier, but it's going to be more medium-term.

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