Tempo change

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     Hi Michael,

     I have two questions for this 5 star App. 
          (5 stars do not do this justice)

     I have assigned 12 loops on 12 tracks and I use them live.
     How can I change tempo on a single track without affecting the tempo of the others?
     Is it possible to use the Air Turn BT-105 to increase or decrease tempo on a particular track?

     Thanks in advance


  • I wouldn't think this would be possible because the tracks would be off. Eventually it'd be nearly to do a half time or double time on certain tracks

  • That's right - I'm afraid that kinda thing isn't really going to be supported at this stage, as Loopy's main thing is synced tracks (although it can do unsynced tracks). I might do double/halftime at some point, but I don't think that's quite what you're looking for.

  • Oh, and thank you very much! =)

  • Thanks to both.

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