Problems with ioDock/Audiobus latency

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  • Hi Michael,

    It was in the middle of a performance so it scared the hell out of me because I never had this problem before.
    Now I think it's not the upgrade but it's in Audiobus.
    I'm using an iPad2 connected to an Alesis iODock. I do a storytelling show for children. I created some children's songs. I only use my voice to build a live loop and sing the melody on top of this. I had some problems with the soundquality of Loopy. It sounded a muffled. So recently I installed audiobus. On the input side I use Loopy and filter the sound through Remaster to improve the quality of the sound.
    I think there was some delay due to a latency problem or something strange happened to my inear monitor. I'm trying to reproduce the problem to check what was going on.
    Anyway I have now set audiobus to 256 samples. I also switched on 'direct' for my microphone again on the iODock. Hopefully I will not encounter this problem again.

    Can you tell me what is the margin (in beats or milliseconds) in the offset of tapping to start synchronised recording?

    I can't seem to figure out if there is any use for multiplying or deviding if I don't use count in/out. Is there?

    Kind regards A3

  • Hey A3,

    I must say, I do regularly hear reports from people having trouble with the ioDock, so this doesn't surprise me a huge amount.

    You say some latency was introduced all of a sudden, with Audiobus? How much are we talking about?

    Can you rephrase your question about the offset of tapping? I didn't quite understand it, I'm afraid.

    No, the clock length controls (+, -, x, ÷, 1) are just for use with count in/out - otherwise, if you don't use it, Loopy will simply quantize to the closest multiple/division.

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