Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 - 1&2 Don't Work Together

I just hooked up all of my equipment together and I am using the Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 as my input. Most of it works correctly and Loopy can see all of the available inputs. When I have 1 & 2 selected, channel 1 works but channel 2 doesn't. When I select channel 2 by itself - it works! Does anyone know why this might be? I'd like to avoid using a mixer if possible. I guess the other option would be to purchase Cubase or Auria and use Audiobus to run everything into Loopy. Any thoughts on this?


  • Nevermind on that - it looks like when you select 1 & 2 that 1 goes to the left and 2 goes to the right. I think this is expected behavior? Any way to run them together without a mixer?

  • That's right - that's expected behaviour, and pretty much the norm. You'll need a premixer if you want two or more mono signals to be mixed together.

  • Thanks. I had one of those Behringer 4 channel mixers laying around so I'm using that. I was just trying to minimize the amount of gear I need to take to shows. I could use a software mixer on the iPad and route through audiobus though right?

  • Yeah, you sure could. Soonish, Audiobus will do this itself, too; we've just been talking about the best way to implement this yesterday.

  • Very cool - well I will definitely hold out for that! I can use the little mixer I have until then.

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    I missed what @Michael suggested above when I posted this: Even a good old-two headed to one head lead might do. You can try this and see how your signal levels are. I prefer to use a bodgy plug like this on the outputs of Loopy, so that the two channels are recorded left and right (good for putting them into another environment to master), but the left and right outputs of my little iO4 are mono'd together like this to go into my monster guitar amp (basically so I can use it as a PA and sign through it as well as play). See how your audio device likes being shorted together. I use an RCA double adapter, would you believe, with an RCA to phono converter plug. This way the left and right sides of a stereo RCA lead go into the amp (wouldn't want to be too long, or it would pickup some serious interference). Bodgy, but works. Gary

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