Two Midi Controllers at once?

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Is it possible to use two midi controllers at once for Loopy? Like one for your feet and then keyboard to do things such as multiply and eventually control some effects like reverse and EQ.

If love to use my M-Audio Oxygen25 to control certain parameters in Loopy as well eventually. I don't know if anyone has tried this before, but I know in computer software programs like Cakewalk, Ableton, and Cubase you can do stuff with the FCB1010 and things like a MIDI trigger.


  • Loopy does not have reverse or EQ

    • it depends on hardware you use to connect to your ios device

    You can control EQ or other fx of an extra app running in Audiobus, but to have 2 midi devices connected you need splitter device or splitter cable - there is still much to be discovered with audiobus

  • I know it doesn't support reverse etc yet, but it's in the plans.

    Unfortunately Audiobus isn't an option do to have a gen1 iPad.

  • That is why I said eventually, my bad if you assumed I was talking as tho u already could.

  • If the MIDI controllers have a USB connection, you can certainly plug them both into a USB hub, and the hub into the iPad. If they're just MIDI, then you'll need appropriate hardware to multiplex 'em, though.

  • I'm going to try this.

    My dream is (when I finally get the iPad mini) to run loopy via AudioBus controlled by my FCB1010 with an effect out running in the background (LiveFX, Audulus, Magellen, etc)controlled by my M-Audio Oxygen 25. Is it possible to control these things without switching back and forth?

  • I'm not sure, actually - I haven't tried LiveFX, etc, with MIDI, so I dunno how much they can be controlled. MIDI certainly works with apps that're in the background, though.

  • I think Audulus works with Midi, but I know LiveFX doesn't....yet.

    Thanks for your reply!!

  • Magellan's fx can be set to MIDI. If your oxygen 25 is hooked up to a second iPad, a MIDI app could wirelessly send the fx parameter changes to magellan backgrounded in the primary iPad. Not sure if this makes sense... It definitely works.

  • I actually meant two midi devices plugged into 1 iPad.

  • As @Michael stated above, 2 USB MIDI controllers should function connected to a hub to the CCK. As I have not tried it, in theory If they are standard MIDI (5 pin MIDI cable) then at least one of the MIDI controllers would have to have MIDI through/merge capabilities ( e.g. Fcb 1010 has what it calls soft through). The first MIDI controller's output connects to the second MIDI controllers input ( the one with MIDI through/merge) and the output to the MIDI in on the iDevice interface.

  • that was the original idea of MIDI - you'd have a room full of equipment, with all MIDI devices daisy chained, and MIDI through enabled. Stuff just reacts to the channel that is set to. Like Ganthofer says, FCB1010 with through enabled, should be able to plug MIDI out of a mixer, say, into the FCB1010, and the MIDI out of the FCB1010 should send all messages out, those from the mixer and the FCB1010 itself. Theoretically, you could have two FCB1010s chained (hand press one - otherwise there'd be nowhere left to stand!) Gary

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    You might be interested in this:
    I use also a midi solution quadra thru.
    These boxes are amazing, completely plug and play, no power needed (provided by midi cables)...
    The FCB1010 has also a midi thru working wonderfully, so no need extra equipment to test already :)
    I use to do that with an RC-50, Ensoniq ASR-X pro, FCB1010 and a mixtable.
    Now, it's just an Ipad,loopy,and some other apps, FCB1010,and an Alesis IO4...
    Ok there's more, but that's for the basic main system,you get my point... :)))

  • I actually have it working and configured now. It's pretty amazing. I control the recording and muting of all 6 tracks with my feet, but the doubling/halving, stutter, tempo, etc. I control with my hands. Works Great!!!

  • Good to know :)

  • @ abrokenrecord that is great! I'd love to see a video. Also, how did you program the stutter?

  • Eventually. I use the stutter (like the DL4) by just choosing the restart session. If you hit this in time it starts the loop over. Think Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"

  • Gary,

    I actually lucked out because my Oxygen25 was actually USB not MIDI cabled. Now in my USB HUB I have the out going to the CCK via a USB extension and my UA25EX, FCB1010, Oxygen25, and a male to make connector hooked to an iPod charger to power connected.

    It's a mess right now, but I'm buying Gorm shelves this weekend and going to build a huge custom looping board this month.

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