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Just to "chime" in here as an avid Boss RC50 and TCHelicon VLOOP user.. Have you seen what's just come out of Namm 2013?

IK Multimedia have released iRig HD which is 100% digital lightning to jack connector.. AND (this one I am excited about) a wireless Bluetooth foot pedal called iRig blueboard which is 4 assignable midi pedals. Will be retailing at around $99..

These two products are a real game changer for me to make the final leap over from the RC50 to Loopy HD.

I really really hope that the Blueboard works with Loopy HD.. There's no reason to suggest it won't.. And as its wireless and run on 4 AAA batteries.. All you need is an iphone5/iPad with lightning connector with Loopy HD and the Blueboard as your core setup!

Awesome! I will be keeping a sharp eye on these products and will report back later once they are out to give info on their happiness with LoopyHD.




  • Sounds interesting, but a caution on the Bluetooth, it only functions on the foreground App. There are a couple of posts on the forum about it. Seems to be a iOS function (limitation).

  • The Bluetooth limitation only applies to Bluetooth keyboards (and pedals that act as Bluetooth keyboards), however - if the iRig team have found a way to build a Core MIDI-compatible Bluetooth device, then it shouldn't have the same limitation.

  • @Michael - Good point. From their description, "BlueBoard iOS app runs in background on mobile device or Mac, and translates Bluetooth messages to MIDI", they are obviously able to receive Bluetooth in the background. So it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Hi guys, did anyone tried? im really exited to start looping and i really dont want to buy a pedal :(

    has someone used it ? :D

  • Hey. Has anyone got a definitive answer as to whether BlueBoard will work with Loopy? Want to get this set up if so!

  • Hmmm. Latency? Battery life? Four switches too limiting?

  • iRig HD is now out and available. We are still in the process of finishing up iRig Blueboard. Once we are closer to release we'll have more info available. Here is what we do have:

    It IS a CoreMIDI controller so it should work with any CoreMIDI compatible app.
    Battery life isn't listed because it varies on how much it is pushed and if you have both expression pedals connected and how much they are used. It is Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Low Energy, so it lasts FAR longer than the current Bluetooth devices many are used to. It also provides better latency, but only the newer iOS devices and Macs have Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Low Energy.

    For more info on either check them out here:

  • What exactly does "provides better latency" mean? Are we talking 20ms or 200ms or 2000ms?

  • Depends on the amount of processing the device is doing. There are two settings currently. Low-latency is 512 samples and Ultra Low-latency us 256. So, that is 11.6ms and 5.8ms. This is also dependent on the devices processing power as well.

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    Wow I didn't realize that latency would be that low for Bluetooth. You are referring to the Blueboard and not the iRig HD, correct? Does the audio buffer setting (say Audiobus) also determine the MIDI buffer setting or can they be set differently?

  • We are talking about audio latency. Blueboard is simply MIDI control, but since we are moving to bring Bluetooth 4.0 to not only Blueboard, but also with our iLoud series, thats where the audio latency comes in. I don't think we would have made these with the last gen Bluetooth technology.

  • Actually, on the blueboard topic, we are most interested in a MIDI pedal's latency related to response time between pedal press and Loopy receiving the command, which also can be measured in milliseconds. This is an especially critical factor when doing looping the traditional way, without the synchronized loops that Loopy is able to do. It would be great to know what the engineers expect this total latency to be, including time for the BT 4.0 hardware and the BlueBoard app software that converts the signal to CoreMIDI.

    Also, thanks IKMultimedia for the links, it's great to see details of how the BlueBoard will work and what devices it will be compatible with.

  • The latency from button press to action is as low if not lower than the audio latency. Audio latency is much more difficult in our experience. I understand the need for it to be realtime with live/loop performances. I personally have a JamMan Stereo, an original JamMan and Loopy HD with iRig Stomp/iRig PRE in my live rigs. When we get closer to release and more details finalized I'll be sure to let you guys know the details. Happy Looping everybody!

  • Does anyone know if it will it be possible to use the blueboard's bank up and down buttons to have more than 4 foot-switchable options for loopy... So for example, 8 buttons to control loopy across 2 banks, and 4 presets for Amplitube on another bank?

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    don't worry, before the last quarter part of the first part of 2014 or 2015 they will release blueboard and we will know.

  • I just ordered the blue board I will update you all when it arrives. Has anyone tried it with loopy?

  • My blue board arrived! I have been playing around with it connected with Loopy and audio via the ikMedia irig HD. Awesome! I will post more after I get a chance to play with it more. It seems to me like a great practice rig and songwriting tool. The Loopy app is an incredible solution to looping. I have owned the first boss loopstation pedal rc20 I think and the late and great Electrix Repeater. setting up the key binding is a snap in loopy with the blue board in program change mode. I am using it with the iphone 5 with no hiccups. I will post more soon, as I'm sure you all want to know more...

  • great job ikmultimedia and Loopy! :)

  • hi Justin,

    Congrats on the purchase!

    I am currently using FCB1010 as my loopy controller, but am going travelling next year and need to scale down my kit. This (blueboard) would really help and I am wondering how usable it really is with loopy.

    You have stated: "It seems to me like a great practice rig and songwriting tool."

    • should I understand from this that you would not recommend it for live usage? For latency issue maybe? I am wondering how fast is the response from blueboard onto loopy?
      I would like to use is as I do FCB1010 (obviously with all the controls) so that I can start a song by playing my first riff, taping the record button on the loop start and taping out on the end. This needs quick response to make sure the loop is nice and even.

    So my questions is: is this possible? Or is the blueboard too slow and one can only trigger recording once the timing is already set?

    I hope you know what I mean? I wonder if there is anywhere I could test blueboard here in the UK? Will have a look before I leave- not really looking forward to lifting my FCB1010 in the backpack :p

  • Hi Toni, I should have a Blueboard arriving tomorrow, so I'll also post my experience with it. Like you I'm hoping the response is fast enough to use in a live situation. I guess we'll see.

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    "this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation". that is what it says in the back part of the blueboard unit.

    maybe for a small bar with friends... but would you rely your performance hoping no "undesired operations" in front of... let's say 80 people (70 smartphones, at least 20 of them with bluetooth on)??


    one moth ago i performed in front of 1.000 people (uuuhhhhuuuuu!!!) at TEDxBerlin, there were no toys in my gear. everything went perfect. loopy behave as a champion!!

    regarding to blue-tooth latency, it is very small. anyway you can "adapt" yourself... if it's 100 ms. since you press record, then you start playing 100ms. later. fixed!

  • hi guys,

    @paulmogg - looking forward to what you report :)
    @ecce-cello - very valid point - this might actually make me go back to the drawing board and build one of these:http://store.highlyliquid.com/collections/midi-controllers/products/midi-cpu
    myself in a small form with standard midi out...will have a snoop here and there...

    anyone knows of small midi controller with midi out? i can't do USB as already have tascam iu2 plugged in... :s

  • @ecce_cello
    forgot to write :/
    and congrats on TEDx performance!!! :)
    could not find any vids, but seen Reggie Watts waz there!!!
    Love dat guy!

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    @tonifanco thanks! yeah, reggie watts and many other amazing people... i will post the video when they release it. sure! all my talk was about the use of the smartphones as music and expression tools... and the dangers they imply in our independence as citizens.

    the high liquid midi controller seems a serious stuff. i like it. then you can build yourself a very small and portable controller with 4 or 5 buttons. it makes sense!
    share the pics if you do it.

  • ToniFranco, I love the unit for $100 I think it'll play out fine. I haven't had a chance to live perform but latency isn't a problem. I've used the boss loopstation and the Electrix repeater with the FCB1010, I still own the FCB1010 and it is collecting dust. Anyone want it?
    I currently haven't explored the midi settings in the blueBoard, I'm still using Key bindings. I set them up in 2 minutes and have been having so much fun. Loopy is powerful in that you can record a short 1 bar measure and then record multiple measures on a separate track. This is unique from the older style loopers. It is amazing for live use.
    Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I think this pedal and loopy have already changed my writing and performing. I'm really impressed.

  • what is amazing is the blueBoard, irig HD, and iphone, with JamUp and Loopy nearly fit in my acoustic guitar case! Such a small amount of gear for the space. I play a SJ 45 Gibson reissue with bags ibeam, and M1 also a custom strat thru a Classic 6 VHT tube. My gear is so light and fun. I'm very busy with 3 kids and 3 businesses at the moment but I'm eager to play live soon!

  • Justin, glad to hear latency is not an issue with Blueboard. I really wondered about that. also, check your inbox, I sent you a message

  • Justinpage - unfortunately this is not what other users at kvraudio forum reported :/
    seen a vid on blueboard changing presets and it does have a noticable lag.
    So would you be will;ing to do a video showing blueboard with loopy and how fast it responds?
    Basically I want to press the button on the first sound I make (usually beginning of my guitar riff) then press it again to stop the loop recording at the end of the riff, beat etc.

    My fear is that because of bluetooth latency the response will be too slow for this to work as it does with a midi pedal=almost immediate.

    If IK could do another board, call it blackboard ;)
    and remove Bluetooth
    add midi out - I think a lot of people would agree to be a happy customer for that :)

  • I've only had my blue board a day or so but so far I'm not noticing any lag when I hit record, it seems very good in that respect. I'll follow up once I've used it more

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    as said... it's less than 100 ms. in the worse case (it varies sometimes). easily compensable with our skills as musicians.

    the only "lag" which is not compensable, is that spent nearly one year since it was presented at namm... until it came to our hands... feet i mean.


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