Multiple bindings for one control (or per track bindings) ?

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I'm trying to setup a Korg NanoKontrol so that each set of (slider + knob + 3 buttons) controls one track in Loopy.

To do this with the binding system I would need that either :

  • bidings such as "adjust track volume" have a parameter to choose the track (i.e. current track or absolute number)
    , or

  • several commands can be chained in one binding (i.e. select track number + adjust track volume)

It looks like neither of these are possible now. Did I miss something ?

If that's the case, please consider this a feature request. It's impossible to properly use Loopy as a multitrack looper with a proper controller without one of these options.



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    Argh, I wrote that too soon. I missed the fact that you can actually select the track for some bindings...

    Please ignore the post above ;).

    Another request though : there are bindings to toggle record or mute on tracks. Could it be possible to have "set [record/mute] on" and "set [record/mute] off" too ?

    That would be quite useful for controllers that have buttons with LEDs (so that the state of the button, i.e. lit/unlit) always reflects the actual state of the track. With toggles only you can easily end up in situations where the state of the track in Loopy and the control are the opposite of each other.

    And another request about bindings : it would be nice to basically have all the controls available as bindings. For example there are double clock length and halve clock length (i.e. multiplication and division sign on the UI) but not the plus and minus signs or the "reset to 1" sign.


  • Good suggestions! I'll see what I can do.

    Something else I'm going to implement soon, I think, is the ability to bind one action, then use the channel to select the track. So, that same CC (for example) on channel 4 affects loop 4. That way you don't have to do 12 times the work to set up the bindings. Would that help?

  • Thanks for the quick answer :).

    For me the MIDI channel/track thing would probably work as I think I can setup each group of controls to a specific MIDI channel. For other people it would depend on whether they can do this or not with their specific controller.

  • @Michael - I think it has potential, as long as the current binding process is also available, otherwise it would limit, for example the use of the fcb 1010. Channels are set globally for all presets for the 5 PC's and 2 CC's that can be sent by each. So only 5 tracks would be accessible via PC and 2 via CC by the proposed method.

  • Agreed, yep. You'd be able to select a specific track number, the "selected track" option, or "use midi channel to identify track".

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