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Just got the ipad and have yet to hook everything up with the midi pedal and all - but I've been using loopy with the built in mic until I get stuff hooked up.

I have a couple of technique questions that I would love an experienced user or Michael's guidance on.

  1. What's the best way to address a loop that has a pick-up? To clarify, the first words of the verse are on the 4 count of the previous measure, then I want to sing for 8 measures, and have those first words start looping at the end of the my loop again. Hope that's clear.

  2. If I record a 2 bar drum and guitar riff, then switch it to 8 or 16 bar, depending on when I press the button I often have to wait for it to go all the way around the 16 bar (if I'm using countin recording) before I can start playing. The previous loops are only 2 bars - so technically it could just start at the top of any of those. Moving forward obviously I would have to wait for the top of the 16 bar once I already have 16 bar recording in my loop, but until then, is there a way to change it so I can just activate the next loop at the top of the longest loop that's currently recorded, even if my new loop is much longer? Also hope that's clear.

Thanks for the help.


  • Hey @nicolai185,

    Happy to oblige!

    1. You can actually begin a loop whenever you like - not just at 12 o'clock. So, if you've got count-in switched on (loops count in, start recording at 12 o'clock) then you can tap once to begin the count-in, and tap again to cancel the count-in and start recording straight away. So, begin at the previous measure, and record 8 bars from there. Note that you'll need to manually punch out at the end if you abort the count-in.
      Alternatively, if you need to be more hands-free than that, around the time of the pick-up, you could begin by 2-finger-tapping the track to begin counting in, start recording at 12 o'clock, then immediately enter overdubbing mode after the first loop - that way, you can wait through the (silent) first loop, then come in on the pickup. You'll still need to manually punch out at the end, though, but the timing isn't important then.
    2. If you look in Settings, Track Management, you'll find a "Count-in quantize" slider that lets you set how long you want to count in for. The default setting, which you've already experienced, is "Clock Length", but you can set it to anything you like. Note that it can only handle one dynamic setting (clock length) - it doesn't currently support matching to the longest currently recorded loop.
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    @nicoli185, have a read of this forum and watch his video (link below). He's a genius. Something I'm in a process of practising (stolen from Marc), is toggle pause and restart, which Marc mistakenly called 'stop all tracks' (which brought it to my attention!) What I've been trying is with those awkward bits where the song slows before a chorus, say, is to stop all the tracks and just play some crunchy rhythms on the guitar, and sing 'wooooaaaah', etc (you get the picture!), while queuing up the chorus (remember - session is paused), then when you hit this restart pedal again, it restarts playing new selection from twelve o'clock. Can also do this with the pick up lines at the beginning of the song - I'm trying to do the 'drum rolls' on the guitar (scratch, scratch, scratch!!), then hit the 'toggle pause and restart' peddle to begin actual song.

    Big difference between me and guys like Marc is that I'm still practicing - whereas he has his )$)$&@&; totally together! Have a look - and read how he says his pedals are configured - secrets from the stars!!!:


  • @Michael - Thanks so much for the response! I like both suggestions for #1 and I've found the most success using the first option thus far, but I really like that second one for the future - especially when I'm not doing it in a live situation. I'll continue to play with the count in on #2, but when I use that then my loops aren't synchronized (I don't think, unless I'm using it wrong).

    @garywi06 - Great suggestion. I really like the toggle pause and restart feature. The use case you mentioned is spot on and I think I'm going to find a ton of use for this. Marc's video is very well done and it's actually one of the main reasons I decided to go with this whole set up instead of using the Boss RC-50, which was literally in my shopping cart on Amazon before I found this video. I haven't spent any time reading how he sets everything up - so that's definitely a must do that would probably save me a ton of time as I learn how to use this in a live situation. Do you have any videos up yet Gary?

    Thanks for the responses guys!

  • Oh, your loops aren't synced when you use count-in quantize? Can you give me an example?

  • I'll try to replicate it again and let you know what I find out (if anything).

  • in terms of me putting videos up... as I said... I'm still practising. I've recorded some stuff that would be worth putting up... if I just put a little more time into polishing the songs... soon. But so far as live stuff goes, like Marc's... it's a while off for me, I think. Glad to see Marc's suggestions helped. He doesn't seem to mind sharing his tips, if you need to ask him something from that thread, Gary

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