Newbie question/AirTurn BT-105

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I am using (for now) pre-recorded mp3 loops and assigned them to the12 tracks.
Everything works fine from the Ipad.... until I try to use the Air Turn BT-105 foot switch.
When I start and stop from the #1 foot switch my loops do not seem to start from the beginning.

These are my settings:
Switch 1. Toggle/Mute Selected Track
2. Select next Track
3. Select Previous Tack
4. (Not used for now)

Obviously I am doing something wrong but I cannot see any other settings for the #1 foot switch.

Your help will be appreciated.


  • "Toggle Mute selected track" only mutes and un-mutes the track. Depending on how you are trying to play the tracks, you need to use "toggle session pause" or "toggle session pause and restart" . Toggle session resets the loops (all the loops) back to the start and no loops are running. The reset part start the loops running ( outer ring cycling).

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Thanks for your suggestions Ganthofer.

    "Toggle session pause and restart" did the trick for switch #1.
    Now all my loops do start from the beginning.

    Thanks again

  • Am I the only one around here experiencing latency with the airturn? I got it configured but the latency is so noticeable it's impractical

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