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loopy works great with other apps!

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not sure if this technique is useful for many but just figured i'd mention it anywa:

on the ipad2, loopy works really well with other apps playing in the background (with the "play in background" setting set to on in loopy of course)... so far i've had beatmaker 2 playing tracks while loopy was playing and i've also tried this with sunvox, everyday looper, multitrack daw, and hokusai... also i've had some 2 minute loops loaded up in loopy and they never really glitched out - pretty stable app here!

one trick you can do if you have the hardware for it is send the audio from an app like beatmaker2, hokusai, or multitrack and record it in loopy. here's how it works:

for this i use the compatible and inexpensive iMic sound card with the camera connection kit, an 1/8" stereo male->male cable adapter cable, and an iluv i111 headphone splitter with dual volume controls.

using the male->male cable you can send a "loop back" audio signal from one of the outs on your headphone splitter(connected to the imic's out of course; the other out to your speakers or headphones), and plug the other end to the input of the imic. make sure the "live playthrough" setting is turned off in loopy or you'll get nasty loud feedback. anyway if you have a midi keyboard hooked up to beatmaker 2(using a usb splitter and, say a nanokey, for example), you can play the samplers or drumpads in bm2 and record them into loop slots in loopy while loops are also playing in loopy.

also this technique works the other way around (from loopy into bm2 or from loopy into multitrack daw - record a loopy jam!).

of course most people would think - why wouldn't you just use audiocopy/audiopaste to transfer sounds from other apps into loopy? well because simply this loopback stuff is fun to do. ;]


  • Wow! I'm very, very impressed - that's a great idea!
  • Is it possible to paste copied sound from ipad garageband into Loopy?
  • You know, I have no idea! I hear that it just uses the standard audio clipboard format, so I expect it would, but I don't know for sure.
  • I can not figure out how to paste a copied audio lip into Loopy. Can you help?
  • You could do a video tutorial on youtube, would help a lot.
  • btw, for anybody using a griffin imic with the usb camera connection kit on your ipad, you get allot of noise on the input when you're recording line-in or from a mic unless you turn the brightness of your ipad all the way up in the settings menu...
  • @citybuddha - if you tap+hold on an empty loop slot, a little menu appears on the loop slot with the following options: share, import, volume, pan. if you tap on the import option, a meny opens on the left around the top should be the "audio paste" that you copied from garageband... hope that helps!
  • Off the sky. Thanks for the response. I do not
    get that menu you mentioned. Any ideas?
  • @Citybuddha it might be worth going thru the app tutorial, which introduces the interface. If it's still not making sense after that, let us know.
  • Yeah, about that... I did the tutorial several times. But still I'm wondering: what is this big record button for which is shown when drawing out the panel completely. The x-button next to it resets the session. But the record button with the big dot changes the panel colour to red, and then?
  • Then it records to a separate file whatever you're doing from that point on. So you can mute and unmute loops to build up a song, and also add for instance a live solo. You can save it under recordings which is then "just" the end result of that particular recording. The loops themselves are saved under "sessions"
  • Ah, now I understand, thank you very much!
  • @citybuddha - you can also send/email anything you create in Garageband and when you open up the file in your email just hold your finger down on the attached file. An option comes up "Open in Loopy HD". When you go back to Loopy HD you can import it into a track and it will be listed in "User Loop: Inbox" above your "Sessions"
  • @mgullberg: Wow, well discovered - I hadn't really advertised that feature yet =)
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