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Suggestions for a rig for iPad4?

edited February 2013 in Equipment

Hi there, I love loopy and I am interested in purchasing some hardware for a performance rig for my ipad4, but I have been noticing that a lot of the connectors are for ipad3 and lower, and I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed before I realized the connector difference.

I am interested in a lot of singing/ acappela / microphone input sound type stuff, but I am slowly getting interested in midi input, so I would like to leave that avenue open. I also play an acoustic ukulele.


  • the lightning connector camera kit works fine for me. I connect an Alesis iO4 to it. Only negative I have about the iO4 is the confusion with the mono switch and headphone mix switch (FYI - mono only affects direct output of signals through main outputs, doesn't affect inputs into Loopy or Loopy's outputs to the main outputs). iodock, looks good, but think it is mainly designed to sit on a desk, rather than clipped to a mic stand. have a search. Michael has called for opinions from 'pro' users a few months ago, and people are probably still chiming into that thread.



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