Are YOU using Loopy on an ipod touch ?

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Is anyone out there running Loopy on an ipod touch without any audible latency?

I am attempting to use Loopy on a 5th gen ipod touch and cannot seem to escape some latency (just enough to make the through signal sound like it has a chorus effect on it). I have tried closing all other apps, installing audiobus and lowering the buffer size, as well as inputing via an apogee jam rather than through the built-in mic. Nothing has helped so far.

I'm wondering if it may just be my particular ipod.



  • I would like to know this also. Are there differences in using Looping HD on an iPod 3 vs 4 vs 5, vs an iPad. I am mainly interested in how tight the timing of loops is when using a MIDI footswitch (the less lag time the better).

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