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I love Loopy's simple and clutter-free interface. But sometimes I wish I didn't have to continually swipe through the side bar menu to go from one set of functions to another. It would be nice if I could select one of those menus to persist on the screen, perhaps on the other side from the regular side bar.

That way there would be two side bars, one on each side. One of them would be a fixed side bar of your choice (say, the playback controls). The other side would be the regular side bar swipe menu minus the selected function (say, the playback controls would be missing from this to avoid redundancy)

I think that would help keep the screen clutter free, but allow the user some flexibility in persisting a particular function of choice on the screen.


  • I totally agree with you about there needing to be something done about the panel. I'm not 100% sure a secondary panel is the best option, but there is definitely scope for improvement. I was wondering about some way to customize what's in the panel, so that you can configure it for the features you most commonly use. I'm pretty sure the 'paging' thing could be replaced by something easier to use, too, although I haven't quite figured out what yet...

  • Maybe you could emulate what you did with Audiobus, which allows you to press a button to access a feature set that expands in an accordion style, whereas within Loopy each button represents a separate page of functions that are currently available. That would allow us to jump more quickly to a specific page directly rather than having to cycle through them.

    You could probably combine this with our idea, where you can pick a couple of functions that are ever-present on the top menu. Either way, I think you solved a harder problem with audiobus and I'm sure you could leverage that paradigm in Loopy.

    By the way, I really appreciate and admire your active presence on these forums and it shows in a top notch product you've created. It really makes it feel worth my time as a user to make suggestions. Nice job, and I hope you can keep it up!

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    (As I prefer "visible button soup" to "gestural invisible noodles") , I would argue the experience of the Audiobus panel shows not the need for swiping sub menus; but that such a small number of parameters could be reduced to a single pane with smaller buttons that seem to work fine for Audious users . The Loopy side pane now seems massive in comparison to Audiobus , with some pages of only one or two parameters a waste of screen estate. And the argument that you might touch the wrong smaller button is no more valid than people currently finding swiping problematic between pages.

  • Oh, yeah, a very interesting suggestion! It is a somewhat harder problem to solve due to the size of the controls (large tempo slider, levels display, etc., as opposed to a collection of quite small buttons in the AB connection panel). Still, there could be something in there.

    And thank you so much! That's a lovely thing to say =)

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