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HELP! Latency with Loopy + ipod Touch



  • Could you post a video, like I dit?

  • It's oweful! I also meet the same problem. My new iPod touch 5 Loopy has too much latency. I think it's an hardware issue, noticed that with other programs like thumbjam, when recording audio.

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    Aleluia! I'm not alone...
    But if you use garageband, recording will be in time, seems like they compensate the latency.

  • Another note to Michael: I start with a fresh session (iPad 1), import a drum loop and then record a guitar loop on a second track. The first time I record it, it has noticeable latency. I clear that loop and then record it again, and the second time, there is no noticeable latency.

    This continues. I go to record another loop - the first time it has the latency issue. I clear it and record it a second time and it's perfect. And, it seems like I can see loopy adjusting for the latency the second time - like the circle shifts counter-clockwise a bit.

    Hope that helps.

  • Can anyone on iPod touch confirm that the latency problem goes away if you record a loop, clear it, then record again? (see above)

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    My video was shooted after clearing some loops. As you cam see, there's some latency after that, so, it's impossible to use it in realtime!
    It's an ipod touch 5g

  • For the record, Loopy does indeed do latency compensation, but muggins here introduced a dumb bug in a recent version that breaks it for blank loops of loaded (or autosaved) sessions. So, if the problem goes away when you record a little, then clear the loop, THEN record again, then the problem isn't the hardware - it's me =)

    A fix is on its way, with red faces all round. Or, just over here. Whichever.

  • maybe the program is not so touch 5 compatible. Delay doesn't go away, anyway!

  • It does sound like something different, yeah.

    I'd be interested to hear if it's EVERY iPod Touch 5th gen that has this problem, or just some. Loopy already does latency compensation, using the Audio Time Stamps that come from the audio subsystem to align audio. I can verify that this works fine on my iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

    That makes me inclined to wonder if there's actually something wrong with the Touch 5 that's reporting audio timestamps incorrectly.

    So, does anyone with an iPod Touch 5 NOT see this problem?

  • For the record, I've no problems with garageband, with my touch 5. After recording, playback is perfect!

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    hallo guys,

    i¡ve done three tests. 1 with built in audio, 2 with analog audio interface and 3 with digital interface (connecting the out to the in).

    as michael says, there's always a sync problem the first time you record a loop. once i delete it, it will be almost no noticeable latency. this is more easy to watch (due to the screen reflections) in the first video.

    1 there seems to be more latency than using audio interfaces, but who uses built in audio for live looping?



    it would be nice to fix this issue.

    i use ipod5 for live intricate looping, and i just love it (except for the price, which i really hated...).



  • Thanks David! So it looks like the analog interface appears to have very little track offset error, while the digital interface has a fair bit. That's very weird.

  • So .... if I am considering purchasing an iThing primarily for LoopyHD use, and choosing between a new iPad mini or iPod Touch 5G, or a used Touch 3G or 4G; are there any that would be recommended as "best" (in terms of performance and latency)?

    Or, is it too early to tell based on the bits of info info coming in? Or, might latency/performance problems be dependent on external variables, such as any interface used? Should I wait to decide until more is known?

  • iThink (pun intended) the Mini is best choice because you can use the CCK with it and get a high quality sound card for clear looping.

  • @brokenrecord: (hoping to not hijack this thread, so quickly): I have a homemade audio in/out cable (type that goes in the headphone jack) which sounds good with LoopyHD when I test it with an old iPad. (For MIDI, I use an iConnectivity interface). Do you know if there are audio differences between going through the mic input jack versus through the 30-pin connector? I must say I like the size of the Mini compared to the Touch!!

  • Today, I bought some hearphones with a microphone and latency was almost unnoticeable. Hardware issues...

  • Yep, i have the same. That explains why i don't notice it when i plug my guitar in. Although i experienced moments of extreme lag while playing guitar too. I have not yet been able to replicate them.

  • @ABrokenRecord: have you done this (cck + external sound card)?

  • I'm a bit late to the party here, but were it me: I'd go with the iPad Mini.

    I'm seeing quite a few reports of weirdness with the iPod Touch 5g, not just with Loopy but with other apps too. Something funny going on there.

    Plus, the larger screen on the mini makes stuff easier!

  • @Ironlion Yes, I use my Edirol UA-25EX Soundcard into a USB Hub into the CCK/iPad (Generation 1) and it works fantastic! Sound is crystal clear. Then, I run a MIDI Controller through an M-Audio UNO 1X1. You definitely need a powered Hub however.

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    Another audio issue I've found, is a soft cracking noise, while screen changings! Noticed that, with headphones.
    Touch isn't accurate, too! It lags while increasing finger speed.

  • Michael, you mentioned an update I'd coming to fix latency on first time record. Any word on that?

  • Yes - sorry about the delay @Ironlion, it's in testing and will be emerging soon. I meant to have it out by now, but have been drowning in Audiobus stuff - too many masters =)

    But it's just around the corner, along with some seriously awesome new stuff.

  • Oh snap!

  • OK, a solid recommendation for the iPad Mini, due to potential problems with the 5G. How about the 4G Touch? Any known show stoppers or issues with the 4G? I don't mind a smaller screen, and can pick one up pretty cheap. So ... iPad Mini vs 4G. How do they stack up?

  • iPod 4G has memory problems. For me the main reason i bought the 5G.
    I just tested having Audiobus, loopy, jamup XT and sunrizer open at the same time, and at my surprise this time they did not cras.. ah no it crashed.
    Also you will have to use the 512 frames mode which is juat to much latency for me when i play guitar. The 256 frames gives stuttering on the iPod 4G

  • iPad Mini has the same processor/memory as the iPod 5G

  • Great input, thanks much @Tom (and others).

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