Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 or 8i6 or 4i2

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I found the 18i6 on Amazon for $233 which seems really reasonable for the number of inputs that you get. Can loopy support more than 2 inputs though? I know that Focusrite has an input map for the iPad for the 18i6 and the 8i6. I want to bring several instruments into the loops and my initial plan was to get a small mixer to run into first, then go into something like the 4i2. However, I could skip the external mixer if I can just use the 18i6 or the 8i6. Any thoughts or experience on this?


  • I've been reading responses to other posts - I don't necessarily want to send each channel to a separate loop (although that would be cool). What I'd really like to do is just have as many channels as possible loop into the same track. I know I can use an external mixer for that, but I thought I could avoid that with this, but it looks like maybe not? Would using Auria to mix the separate signals from the 18i6 before sending to Loopy work? Considering that program is $50, it might be easier just to buy the cheapest solution that has 1 input and 1 output and then supplement additional needed inputs with a mixer.

  • See Michael's explanation of ( current ) input channel limitations and gauravps description using Auria at the bottom of this post;

  • Thanks - your question about using Auria to pre-mix before sending to Loopy is exactly what I'm interested in.

  • I've added a post to this other post as well, because for this to work for me (record voice and guitar loops at different times)... I have to solve same problem, Gary

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