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I'm using a Behringer FCB for controlling Loopy. I'd like to add some FXs to Loopy the idea was to purchase audiobus and the question is: when I switch (e.g. in a running session) from loopy to livefx, can I still record new audiomaterial without switching back to loopy?
So will midi work in the background (in this case the Behringer FCB with loopy)??


  • I don't have audioBus but I'd imagine it would if you have loopy running in the background.

  • Thank you! Anyone else?

  • Midi commands seem to work fine to Loopy in background. Bluetooth keyboard bindings don't.

    Ask about it over here,

    I'm sure someone has done exactly what you are thinking about.

  • that was the whole idea of it... I thought. you get your remote panel in the other app OR you can use MIDI to control. the only thing you can't use whileLoopy is in the background are bluetooth keyboard commands, because these will go to what ever app is in the foreground (eg your effects). But MIDI bindings work whether Loopy is on display or not (as long as you have 'background audio' turned on in Loopy, of course). Gary

  • Gary's correct - MIDI will work fine while Loopy's in the background.

  • thank you guys!!

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