Stereo recording solution in Loopy?

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Stereo recording solution in Loopy

I want to record sound from my iPad's headphone jack into my iPhone running Loopy
I already have an iRig which works, but the audio records as mono

I am looking for a way to record in stereo
Does the griffin imic and camera kit work for this?
If so, is it any good?

Is there another solution? Preferably a device that does not require power from an external source

Loving this Loopy app!


  • You need an external sound card with two in...then you can so it.

  • External sound card with two in?
    Do you know an example?

  • I have the griffin Imic and the camera connection kit. It works well with my Ipad 1. It records tracks in stereo and I send the left and right channels to separate amps.

  • Tommyjohn: Any Audio in that goes through the headphone jack will be mono. Only the sync port can do stereo, but not all audio in devices are set up for it. Sonoma's Guitar Jack2 is stereo.

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    Depending on your source app on the iPad... Audiobus! And leave out the iPhone.

    These apps listed here can record from your iPad to Loopy in the same iPad:

    Sorry to state the obvious, I'm just still excitable over how revolutionary audiobus is :D

    And audiobus works flawlessly with Loopy.

  • Hi tommyjon,
    have you found already a good stereo recording interface?
    I'm on the market for the samo and can't find what I need. The only one that can do the job is Apojee Duet for iPad. You can connect USB midi keyboard itno it and use both audio and MIDI channels. But it si very expensive :( I cant understand why it is so hard someone to make audio interface with just 2 line ins, and 4 outs + usb in ?!?!?

  • I have discovered the studio connect. It works excellent with Loopy if you want to record stereo sound from another device

  • Hey all.. Well looks like 2014 is gonna change everything with Focusrite's iTrack Dock and Alesis' Io Dock II. Looks like they are the big hitters for this year! Just can't decide on which one for my iPad 4 & Loopy HD. Hummmmm

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