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Is Loopy compatible with every released Iphones and Ipod Touch versions????


  • ah sorry, i found it finally -.- I searched for it before but i couldn´t find that

    Loopy is a demanding application that requires an iPhone 3Gs and newer, or iPod Touch 3rd generation (with headset recommended) or newer to run well. Older devices are not recommended for use with Loopy.
  • Sucks that you've got to wear a headset for the touches
  • Actually, the new generation actually have mics in them, now, so that's not strictly necessary any more, happily. Mind you, Loopy's always infinitely better with a headset (or an external audio setup with a decently discriminating mic & speakers) on iPhone/iPod Touch because these guys have their microphones *right* beside the speaker. Makes for some pretty nasty interference.
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