OT: Looping Effect Pedals

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Just thought I'd start a thread for discussing effect pedals you use with looping and why you like them. I have a couple that I really like to use while looping.

  1. Electro-Harmonix MicroPOG: this will NEVER leave my board. I use it to create my bass sounds, my twelve string, my synth, and even a make shift organ sound. Best pedal on my board by far!

  2. Line 6 DL4: can you have a board without this stereo delay pedal? I'm not quite sure I could live without it.

  3. BBE Soul Vibe: I use this to create luscious Leslie tones. I couple this with the MicroPOG for my organ. Will be moved to my electric only board when I get a Line 6 MM4.

  4. Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron: used when I want to get funky or when I'm trying to emulate a Rhodes sound.

  5. VOX Wah: love it.

I want to get a Line 6 MM4 so I can do more chorus, flange, phaser, and tremolo effects in looping. I would also like to get a vocal effects pedal from TC Helicon eventually...but they are made expensive. I do like the Mic Mechanic however.

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