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Hi all, i have been having some volume issuess within audiobus, i use an irig for guitar input, have an fcb1010 with original firmware and an akai mpk mini, everything is setup and working fine (the irig is bit rubbish but does the job for now) my two expression pedals are set up to control volume and pan within loopy. I use a variety of soft synths, i use funkbox alot (along with drumjam and DM1) but recently all my volume levels seem to be really Low when recording into loopy, some play and sound just fine but alot when triggered are barely audible, ive checked the master volumes and the velocity settings, i ve also noticed on some patterns the higher pitched sounds are getting through fine but lower ones such as the kick can barely be heard, yet when i compare this to trying to record my guitar into loopy through JamUp iam having the opposite trouble where everything is INSANELY loud, i have to turn just about evrything on the amps down really low, and knock the master vol back to about -18dB. I feel like i am missing something really obvious, but not sure what i am newbie and am learning more everyday.
any help / tips / advice would be awesome.


  • Hello!

    I was holding back replying, hoping some answers for you might come to light, but I'm afraid this one still has me stumped for now.

    Can you give me one single example of an Audiobus chain where this is happening? Also, be sure to close all your audio apps before starting to make sure there aren't any that are interfering.

  • i think it may be more to do with funkbox than audiobus or loopy, as some patterns play fine, but i also noticed that drumjam and DM1 are quite low too.... i cant suss it out, ive emailed the devs over at funkbox too to see what they think, as it only seems to be the patterns ive edited, the original presets are still of a decent volume...... Stumped!

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