Feature idea: start recording on sound

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Specifically related to fixed length recording, it could be very cool if loopy started recording after sound hit a certain threshold - and then recorded the exact measure count from there, not the loop start.

Cool for a couple of reasons. First, it would help with the 'I started a little late/early' thing by allowing for play through based on when you started, not the top of the loop.

Second, and this is what made me think of it, you could capture e.g. four measures of an app or source that supports tempo but doesn't support midi sync and then use loopy's sweet loop offset feature to line it back up. Capturing and aligning a DM1 beat, for example.



  • I recommended this awhile ago. I like Idea of an auto record when the first note is played after its been armed. I used this feature on my jamman all the time.

  • Ah yes, this is on my todo list (see?) =)

  • I think another cool midi function would be the stutter (like on line6 dl4) where it starts at the beginning of the loop each time you press the button.

    That being said, I understand that is kind of novelty, but it sounds sweet in certain circumstances like when I cover "Steal My Sunshine" (don't laugh)

  • I've heard requests for this before too - how does that work with the syncing? Does it just reset the loop start time, forever, when you press it?

  • Yeah. It just goes to the beginning when you press. The only thing on the dl4 is that it only plays thru once then. It'd be much better if it kept playing. Think the intro of Gorillas Clint Eastwood stuff. If you play it rhythmically it sounds very cool. You can also do some stuff like Fat Boy Slim with it.

    It could also be used to play half of a phrase. It's a lot of fun to mess around with.

  • This actually works right now. You have to program a button that sends the standard MIDI start message then continue message immediately after (but not at the same time). Set Loopy's clock inputs so it is listening to your MIDI source. I tested this thru network MIDI with MidiDesignerPro, but I have no experience in how you would program a foot pedal to do this. Best of luck!

  • You can do it with the pause/restart session trigger, too, of course, but that's the entire collection of loops, not just one...

  • Okay, cool - any ideas as to how you'd then mute it? Perhaps a swipe, the same way you cancel fades/counts?

  • Oh... I think I misunderstood. What I was talking about is a stutter for the entire session, not specific loops. Carry on then! I don't know how this would affect syncing...

  • Haha @michael. I normally read the forum on my phone and missed the screen shot. :)

    To be clear, I'm talking about on-threshold recording plus that recording going on for the current loop length - not until the clock's current '1'. So if you started recording one measure into a four measure cycle, it would record the next three measures plus one more. Hope that makes sense.

  • Right, okay...That makes sense.

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