Lexicon Omega and Loopy HD

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Hey, I started testing the Lexicon Omega interface with Loopy HD on my ipad 2 and have a couple of questions :-)

1 - I'm using a 3rd party Camera Connection Kit and when connected, the setup works fine for a while, but after maybe 10 minutes I get the good old 'This accessory is not Supported" message flashing up. The setup continues to work fine though, for another 10 minutes or so, before the lexicon omega connection disappears. As soon as I disconnect and reconnect the cck everything's fine again. This process seems to happen exactly the same over and over again, which is fine for home recording, but not live.

So on to my first question - does anybody know of a 3rd party cck that works flawlessly? I haven't tested the apple one and am not sure whether it works properly either (I don't fancy splashing out on one unless absolutely necessary) :-)

I have also used this 3rd party cck with an M-Audio Keystation 49 and this has exactly the same problem with connectivity over time, except that when disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard and cck, it's difficult to get the ipad to recognise the keyboard for ages.

2) This question is a bit more strange.

I'm connecting an acoustic guitar via Line and a Shure Beta 57 for vocals through the lexicon and the cck into the ipad.

After adjusting the input of the guitar on the lexicon to just under peak-levels, the input on Loopy HD shows a nice hot signal. It also records a nice hot signal. All good :-)

After adjusting the input of the mic on the lexicon to just under peak levels (pad switch set to off) the input on Loopy HD seems to show a nice hot signal. However, the recorded audio is very very quiet.... The waveforms are tiny and after recording Loopy HD automatically sets the db of the track to max to try and push the volume to an acceptable level.

This would make sense to me if the live input on loopy didn't show nice and high, or if the input on the lexicon was too low, but neither seem to be the case.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance,



  • I do not have any real good suggestions other than if you want to try out the Apple CCK to see if it might not pull up the same error you may just want to do what I did (for different reasons). Buy the official Apple CCK from Walmart (they carry for $30) and keep packaging in tact with receipt then if it does not solve the problem take back and get a refund. An easy way to test without being stuck for the $30 if it does not solve your problem.

  • @question 1

    As suggested above, try the official CCK. There are reasons the other ones are cheaper, and not always just because the didn't come from Apple.

    You might try a powered USB hub between the CCK and the Lexicon. I know the Lexicon has it's own power, but the hub may act as a buffer between the 2 since the CCK is not really intended to be used this way.

    As for the M-Audio Keystation 49, isn't that USB powered? If it doesn't have it's own power, you are not using a USB hub and it works for a short time with the CCK, the problem is either the CCK (not sure what hardware is in it) or the iPad (internal USB) is going into thermal over load. Try syncing ( with the standard sync cable) your iPad immediately after this happens. If sync or connectivity between your PC/MAC and iPad fail until after a waiting period, I would not use that setup again as it could eventually cause permanent damage to the iPad.

    Or is it the 49e? The description in the M-Audio User Guide of the 49e with the external power sounds a little suspicious "Make sure you are not already powering the Keystation 49e keyboard via USB...". Like it could cause problems if connected to power and a USB port with power.

    I would again recommend using a powered USB hub in between.

  • Thank you both for your suggestions. I'll try out an official apple cck and see whether that helps.

    Any ideas regarding the recorded audio from the mic through the Lexicon?

  • Did you figure out why the input which appears nice and hot is playing back extremely quiet. I seem to have just started getting the same problem

  • My research on this suggested that the Omega device has a tendency to overhear and reduce volume or totally drop out audio.

    Sorry, it was a while ago. I don't have specific references. Maybe browse thru the Amazon reviews. The issue wasn't specific to iOS, but seems to affect the Omega no matter what platform it's used on.

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