Silly Question for Michael...

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Do you guys have any stickers? I use an Epiphone SST when looping and I've been putting some stickers of the gear I use to advertise the products I support. I know it's silly, but I was just wondering.


  • Haha neat idea! No, I'm gonna think about this.

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    Nothing stopping you becomming creative with laminate or contact (see through sticky sheets). Stick an appropriate part of the website to your amp. Great idea, by the way.

    The picture at
    Is just dying to have Loopy printed across it or under it (bigger), so it can be printed out in colour and stuck to the back of an amp, keyboard, etc.

  • What's stopping me is my lack of printer actually. Well, it has no ink anyway. Haha. Plus, I was just going to give Michael more money to put toward the programming by buying a sticker or 2. But, I may have to try it your way somehow.

    Just showin' love for LOOPY!!!!

  • I'd love to buy some merchandise as well... But I wonder at the volume, for the time involved in setting it up. Having said that....Michael - polo shirt with afore mentioned logo on it... I'd buy one tomorrow. I still feel like a thief for the money I paid for the app .... I've paid twice as much for some other music apps, and they are less than half as good.... Maybe shirts and stickers would ease my conscience as well... Gary

  • 'Tip jar' $.99 IAP is becoming popular with freemium games. Just saying.

  • Aww, that's a lovely thought guys =)

    Now you mention it, it could be kinda fun to have a merch store - I set one up for Audiobus, and it was pretty easy (

  • That's awesome!

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    I'll look forward to wearing my Loppy shirt!! Even better than stickers, I wonder. I took a punt on a black one... here's hoping you can still read the text below the loop - but the loop will look awesome, I'm sure, Gary

  • Ha, excellent!

  • Haha nice! When I get some time I'll do some more, better designs.

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