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First off I just wanted to say how much fun I am having playing with loopy! It's making me enjoy writing music again!

I have a few ideas for improvement.

  1. Add an undo button, or a multitouch gesture such as a 3 finger swipe to undo your last action.
  2. I love playing guitar into loopy, but it would be so much better if loopy could record the effects that I add through Amplitube along with the track. Right now you can only get clean guitar tone. Is it possible to combine the two via Audiobus?
  3. For recording long tracks, it would be ideal to be able to zoom in on one loop and edit the length and positioning of the audio. Perhaps take the screen from 6 or 8 loops just down to 1 or 2.

Thank you again for the amazing app and I look forward to any future updates!


  • 1) I'd love an 'undo' function as well... At least until next save. Don't forget, though, that you can always save as new session before you start trying experimental things, or before destructive things like combining loops, etc. I've ended up with quite a few versions of my more complete projects, because you can always re-import these old, unaffected, separate tracks back into the current session (if you change your mind about one thing, but like other things you've done).

    2) with the effects - do you want to record effected and unaffected guitar at the same time? Simple way is to record it without effects, then add later with Audiobus (I know that means multiple passes, though). I've been trying output of loopy through ext guitar effects to get some idea of playing, but I think it's easier to record dry, then add later. Do you realise that you can add just one track of Loopy as the input into Audiobus? Handy for this situation - remainder of mix from loopy passes straight to the headphones (or whatever) unaffected, and you can preview every guitar effect you have in Jamup. Worst case... Pop the track out into your desktop software for effects.

    3) others may have suggestions, but I don't think this level of audio editing is within the scope of this app... Again, pop the file out into your desktop (but make sure the editor doesn't add silence to the end of the file).


  • With live looping, as opposed to recording, I've always found having effects in front of the looper is preferable.

    Not to say mangling/altering a recorded loop can't be interesting too.

    If I had to choose, though, I'd prefer them in front.

    Undo, in any looper, should be a "mandatory" feature.


  • Totally agree about undo - this is at the top of my list. Soon =)

    For effects, use Audiobus.

    Trim/editing is, as Gary says, beyond scope. If you like, copy and paste with an audio editor (like Hokusai, etc)

  • I can only get JamUp to work with Audiobus. Amplitube is my effects program of choice. Any suggestions on how to get amplitube to be compatible?

  • If you have another device like a phone or am iPod you could use that with the iPad through loopy. Ik Multimedia may not be the best company to rely on hooking up with audiobus since they are already a huge company.

  • Yes please undo! And also is it possible to have the undo function as a button in audiobus's side panel or should I be asking this in the audiobus forum?

  • Undo gesture +1

  • Hey guys - I'm closing this thread as a duplicate of this one - please direct further comments there.

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