I must be dense

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I'm having a hard time starting this app, but please forgive my density. I normally have used the Boss Loopstation, which as a feature that lets you Auto Start the recording of the loop with the first "sound" it hears...is there a way to do this with Loopy? It starts recording as soon as I tap the circle. Also, there seems to be no "count in" sound at all when I'm recording. I think I'm missing something incredibly basic, but it's causing me all sorts of problems. Not even sure I'm asking this correctly! Gah!


  • Hi Paul!

    Sorry to hear it's giving you trouble! Sounds like I should perhaps tweak the tutorial to explain that part a bit better.

    Firstly: No, Loopy doesn't have a sound-threshold-based auto-start feature yet, although it's on my radar.
    Second, it does indeed have a count-in function, but it counts in one loop-length, which it won't know until you set the tempo/loop length. So, if you set a tempo, either by tapping it out, sliding the tempo slider, or recording a 'tempo' loop, the next time you tap a track, it'll count in up to the start of the next loop.
    Finally: There's no sound associated with a count-in specifically, but if you want to hear a metronome, you can turn that on.

    Good luck!
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