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iPad 2 and Behringer FCB1010

edited January 2013 in Equipment

Hi. I'd like to buy the Behringer FCB1010. How can i connect this devices?

Do I need the Alesis io Dockstation? Or is it possible to take my Tascam US-122 Interface? (The old one). Or the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer II?

My Setup:

Shure SM58/Guitar/Jack --> Mixer --> ?????

The Main-Output is a Guitar Amp or the HK-Audio Elements (activ boxes)

I hope you can help me.

Cheers Mike


  • Well you're asking two questions
    1. How do I get Audio into the program
    2. How do I get MIDI controller information to the program

    I myself do use the Alesis iODock since it fulfills the answer to both of your questions but I can't comment about your other suggestions.

  • If it’s not necessary I don’t want to buy the Alesis Dock. Any ideas about my suggestions?

    Cheers Mike

  • First, the following is only my opinion.

    You don't need the Alesis IO Dock, but it would most likely fill the requirements for your setup. It's what I use, but everyone's needs, uses and preferences are different.

    The Tascam US-122 appears to require Drivers, at least the Tascam web pages mention installing software/drivers. So this is a no go to connect to the iPad. There might be a way of using it through you PC, but I'm going to assume you want something a little more mobile.

    You will need the CCK and possibly a powered USB hub and any USB device you want to connect to the iPad needs to specify that it is Class compliant ( MIDI Class compliant, Audio Class compliant).

    The Line6 MIDI Mobilizer II would work for the MIDI controller, but doesn't address getting the audio (mic, guitar, ...) into the iPad.

    I'm going to also assume that you want a good quality audio with relatively little noise. So throw out any ideas of using the headset jack for audio input. You can try the $10, $20, $40 solutions, but the headset jack just doesn't cut it, IMO.

    So, you need:

    • one device that does both MIDI and audio and connects to the 30 pin dock connector.


    • 1 Class compliant USB device ( audio and MIDI ), a powered USB hub and the CCK.


    • 2 Class compliant USB devices ( 1 audio and 1 MIDI ), a powered USB hub and the CCK.

    Now it comes down to the number of audio inputs (mic, guitar, ... separate or stereo signal out of mixer), portability ( physical size and external power requirements), and of course $$$.

    If you browse through some of the other posts in the equipment section, you will get an idea of the pros and cons of some of the hardware people are using.

  • I recommend getting the M-Audio UNO 1x1. Mine works fantastic and I love it. I plug that into a powered USB dock and have that going into my CCK through a USB extension. You don't need a dock but I also have my Roland Sound Card plugged into my iPAD.

  • now I have my setup. iPad 2, iRig midi, iRig amplitube and behringer fcb1010. but now I have many problems. I can't make bindings.

    please can someone help me from A-Z installing the fcb1010

    cheers mike

  • Make sure you're cabling correct MIDI IN on FCB to out on iRig and vice versa. I never used iRig, I'll see what I can find.

  • The cabling is correct and now I can make bindings. But how do I have to configurat the FCB?

    1. I made a reset
    2. Calibrate the FCB
    3. I set the Midi Channel 1 to FCB
    4. Program a preset (http://host.mtnsys.com:81/faq-fcb/IdiotsGuide.htm)
      on this guide it's written "You have now programmed the 1 button to send a PC command of 23 on MIDI channel 1 to your MIDI gear."

    What's the 23? What number do I have to set for the other pedals? 2 -> 24, 3 -> 25...?

    Cheers Mike

  • For me, after I was done with the correct cabling, I was able to just plug it into the iPad and make bindings using loopy HD in the general settings. First find your board thru iRig midi, then, click the arrow to go make bindings. Choose what you want it to do, select it, then, click the pedal.

    I use channel 0

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