MIDI Mapping workflow

edited January 2013 in Support and Feedback

Hi Michael,
I have some suggestions about the MIDI Bindings.
It's very flexible right now because you can set various messages from various controllers, but for instance I connect my MicroKontrol Either via USB, Either via a MIDI cable, Either via Network (depending on how much battery I have :D )

So... I have to make assignments for every scenario.

What I think would be more useful is something like... displaying a list of available commands and in the same window you can midi learn everything without switching views all the time. Also, it would be useful to map stuff on different channels not ports.

Check out how Magellan does it. Seems very simple to me.

Anyway... controlling Loopy and Magellan via my keyboard while sampling is marvelous ! I don't have to switch views all the time.

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