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Red bar

Hi guys; loving Loopy! Can anyone tell me: when you slide out the extra settings bar, there is a little round icon that, when you click it, turns the main control bar red. What is it for please?


  • Hey Paul,

    That's the session record button, which toggles session recording (you can find the result in "Recordings")

  • Thanks Michael; so does that mean that when it's orange, I can tool around to my heart's content without committing anything to disk, but if I want to record something, I need to make that bar red?
  • That's right, yep! (With respect to session recordings, anyway - you'll still record loops, etc, of course, which are auto-saved to disk)
  • Um, still not quite there yet, forgive my ignorance :-)
    So any loops I make, even just messing around, are auto-saved? What then is the difference between a recording and a session? If I open the panel and hit the 'X' button to reset, will that loop be saved anyway? Sorry I haven't figured this out yet; I've made a few inadvertent recordings over the last couple of days, but don't really know how I did it; I haven't actually chosen to save anything yet.
  • No problem =)

    Sessions are collections of tracks (the circles on the main screen) - you can save them, and all of the tracks in the session will be saved, along with the tempo, etc.

    Session recordings are live recordings of anything you do in Loopy - it mixes the live mic input (unless you've disabled that) together with whatever sounds Loopy is playing at the time. So, it allows you to record whole performances, and mix your loops live.

    If you reset a session, the current session will be cleared (along with its autosave). If you save a session, it'll be stored on disk (even after you reset the current session), so you can load it again afterwards.

    The autosave is there just so that if you quit the app, what you last worked on will always be there (even if the device loses power or - heaven forbid - Loopy crashes).

    Does that better answer your question?

  • Thanks Michael; got it now.
  • So, the red mode is like bouncing the session?

  • It could be used that way. Depending on you loops and what you you want to bounce, you may be able to do it by merging tracks instead.

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