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Michael, first let me say that this app and audiobus are probably two of the most amazing music apps available on iOs. The possibilities are mind boggling...and that's the other side of the issue. You've done a fantastic job of making the apps intuitive and I've discovered a ton just through experimentation and the help menu. But, I know there is much more I could do. I know you've said before that you're focusing your attention on the app, but I would kill for manual. Just a humble request, from one of many devoted loopy and audiobus fans.


  • Thanks heaps, @MoonWolf, that's very kind!

    You're right: A manual's something I really need to do. That, and further instructional videos.

    Let me put another notch beside the "make manual" item in my to-do =)

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    All call to all you keen fans... do we want to contribute bits and pieces? I know some apps have manuals written this way, with credit given to the users that contributed. Although, Michael would still have to coordinate, and monitor for feature changes in the future...

    Also, we can all do more video tutorials on our various tips and tricks we've figured out for ourselves (with each others help - via this forum).

    @MoonWolf you have had a good look at the help file within the app, and searched youtube for Loopy, haven't you? I know I did, and I felt the same hunger, where you want to just sit and read something from end to end, then go back and play with the things you read about yesterday... or last week. Michael, while I'm sticking my beak in... I always prefer a 'downloadable' PDF, rather than all these silly apps that take you back to their website 'for the latest help'. I always prefer to save it locally for much faster recall.

    Want to you think, Michael? You have a number of dedicated fans (me included!!).

    Whether it was the 'wiki' type development... or something more formal like the SourceForge model... I'd contribute something. I'm good at writing, editing, proof-reading and those aspects of publishing.

    What do you other users think? I'm just happy to leave our attentive, dedicated developer to keep developing this killer app... we can get a manual together. @MoonWolf - what do you reckon is missing, what do you need?


  • Thx, Michael and Gary. I just downloaded over the weekend and only got an hour or so to play, so I may not be the best judge as to content. As I mentioned, I was able to figure out a lot by watching Michael's vid (didn't find many other useful vids, unfortunately), poking around in the help file and by just playing. I struggled a bit trying to loop drumjam patterns via audiobus and suspect that I was just not fully understanding the count in - so, that's a stupid basic explanation, I suspect. But, I am planning to progress to programming a midi footswitch. So, I guess what I'm saying is that one .pdf doc that runs through the program's myriad of capabilities is really necessary. Of course, given limited resources (time, especially) perhaps the manual could be assembled in parts and edited by Michael... just keep adding to it until everything is covered?

  • Wow, this is a really generous offer, and a lovely thought - cheers, Gary =)

    I think when you get down to it, though, it's probably going to be best if I just Man Up and get it done, in order to maintain a consistent style. I'm not bad at documentation when I put my mind to it, so if I just do it, it's probably only going to be a day or two of work.

  • @Michael do you have a YouTube Channel that maybe all of us here that love your product could start doing some various demos and such. That'd be pretty cool.

  • Nice. I'm going to work on a video to show the capabilities of LOOPY HD with a midi pedal and why the best looper is under $10.

  • That's brilliant, thank you!!

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