Roland Duo Capture EX or Alesis IO Dock

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Hi all! I just started to dive into this this crazy iPad/recording/looping/synth/amp simulator thing and it is blowing my mind! I love all the quality apps out there for musicians (especially Loopy!). I am looking to pull the trigger on an interface and came across the Roland Duo Capture EX Besides the demo video put out by Roland, I can't seem to find anything else about it. Maybe it hasn't actually been released yet? Has anyone tried or heard about this product? It appears to have everything an iPad musician could want and looks to be much better built than the Tascam iU2. I was also interested in the IO Dock, but I've heard it can have issues at times especially with iPad 3, which is what I have. Also I believe the Alesis is 16 bit and Roland states theirs is 24. Any input would be appreciated. I hope I am not duplicating a question that was already asked.



  • It has not been released yet. It is due out late this month. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival so that I can use it to replace my Alesis iO4 and make my pedalboard less cumbersome.

  • Thanks! If you get it right away, I hope you will be able to give us all a little info on its performance. How about the Behringer iS202, have you heard when that will be released?

  • I will report back here as soon as I get the Duo-Capture EX.

    I was not aware of the iS202 until just now. That's a nice-looking device. Personally, I'm not interested in something like that due to the use of the dock/Lightning connector and that it would be quite awkward up on a mic stand; I don't want the iPad on the floor, a table, or other surface.

  • I look forward to hearing about the Roland. I think that might be a better value since you can also use it as an interface for your computer.

  • Looking at the website... it doesnt do anything that the Alesis iO4 can't do - and I can vouch for stability of the iO4. But may be smaller, I guess? For 28 pin iPad 3 - iOS4 can charge iPad, which can be a plus (doesn't charge lightning connector iPads, though).

  • I use the Roland UA25-EX and love it for what it's worth. It just can't handle MIDI so I needed the M-Audio UNO.

  • It looks similar to the duo capture ex. Are you using it on iPad? Do you need a powered hub for it to work?

  • Yes, and my midi doesn't work, but I'm sure the new one takes care of that. I worked around the powered hub by plugging in a none powered hub and connecting a male to male USB cord to an iPod wall charger.

  • @garywi06

    True, it doesn't do anything the iO4 doesn't except not look ridiculous on my pedal board.

    The iO4 does not charge iPads with the Dock connector.

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    I've got a Presonus 22VSL interface and it seems to work fine, including MIDI, but needs to be plugged into a powered USB hub.

  • I avoided the Alesis iO4 and the upcoming Behringer iS202 myself because they can only be used with iPad (I assume). I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 (I got it for $230 on musiciansfriend with a price match! And a $30 gift card - gotta love price matching)
    You can buy it right now on Amazon for $236 or the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 for $215.

    Anyway, it was comparably priced to the iPad only interfaces, but it doesn't limit me to the iPad in the future. I can plug it into my computer and it comes with Ableton Live Lite, so I can then record several inputs simultaneously on my computer should ever want to do that in the future instead of using the iPad. I'm always for more flexibility with stuff I try to buy. Additionally, my live looping setup includes a guitar, a keyboard, sometimes a bass, and two microphones, so my future plan is to buy Cubasis or Auria and use them as a premixer within the iPad so I don't have to carry around an additional mixer.

    I'm not married to the Focusrite by any means either, the roland looks like a cool option and provides you with the flexibility of using your computer in the future as well.

    Hope some of that helped!

  • Oh, also both the focusrites I mentioned are not USB powered, so no additional USB powered hub necessary! Same goes for the Roland mentioned above.

  • Does anyone know if the Duo Capture EX will work with an iPhone 4S? and if not, anyone know why it doesn't support this and if there is any plans for support in the future?

  • Focusrite is surely the better box but you can indeed use the alesis io4 with your computer.

  • I don't see what is so special about the roland capture.... It is just a regular audio interface. It has to go through the camera connection kit, so your ipad can not charge, and you would have to run audio out ofmthe headphone jack. I don't even see how/why they are advertising it for ipad.

  • And I am a huge Roland user, so I am not trying to be negative about it, just the facts. I run the RC-300, HPD-15, TD-20SX, and a slew of Roland/Boss effects, but this interface just seems like any other interface to me.

  • I think they are saying that the Roland is class compliant so it doesn't need any extra drivers like some interfaces. Also, it can use batteries, making it more portable like the iPad and no need for a powered hub.

  • It's pretty much the same as my Edirol UA25-EX (which is made by Roland). You don't need to go out through the Phones jack however. The back has a L & R Output that could be used to run stereo into a mixer.

    @SoundNerd I have a very similar setup with an HPD10 and Loopy, but I stay away from Boss/Roland effects because I hate dealing with them. They sound fantastic for the most part, but are usually overpriced. I tend to be a huge fan of EHX and BBE. I'm also liking the newer Behringer stuff. They are reasonably priced and have a fantastic sound (still cheap and plastic however).

  • I have researched possible interfaces till my will was drained.
    Waited for 9 months till I discovered the
    Roland Duo Capture Ex.
    Portable. Live / Busking
    The Roland duo Capture Ex Can be used with a battery powered amp, mic, guitar, iPad and audiobus app-rig.

    So far its a big fail.
    Loopy does not like this interface nor want to acknowledge it exists (gutted).
    Every other music app from meteor to animoog to nlog are bitches to the Roland.

    This is a kick in the scro. Roland has made such a big deal about this audio interface being iPad compatible. Haha.

    I wish it was and it surely must be.

    Fingers crossed the gremlins are the cause.

    This interface right now is no use to me. I've got a decent mackie blackjack onyx 2x2 for recording music on my computer.

  • What about the upcoming IK Multimedia BlueBoard due in May ??
    From what I read, this could be the answer everyone needs as an interface for iOS, Mac, LoopyHD and Audiobus.
    Am I missing something ??

  • Arrrgh... just noticed this is a redundant comment that someone else has already discussed... but it still hasn't been confirmed that it will work since no one has tested it.
    Although, being core midi compliant -- it should. Even though this is going to be a great price point, for $100 bucks I want to know for sure.

  • Be aware, I've had nothing but bad luck with IK. I thinking the blueboard is strictly Bluetooth no? I looks really cool, but I think it doesn't have as many options as the FCB1010 (which is like 50 bucks more).

  • I use the Roland DuoCapture EX and it works well and with LoopyHD. So far nothing but praise here. Well... except that... I wish the AC adapter was included.

  • DuoCapture EX is echt ideal en goe kwaliteit beter dan steinbergh

  • DuoCapture EX is realy good kwality beter than steinbergh

  • I have iPad gen4 and Alesis IODock. I had lots of problems at first... the unit I got originally was bad but the store took it back no questions asked and gave me a new one. Then I had problems with Midi glitches running with Win7 and Ableton. Long story short, I updated my firmware to 1.0.7 and midi works pretty good now. IODock has a lot of ins and outs (regular midi i/o + another usb midi i/o, 1/4" and i/o, XLR i/o. Also, I'm using the lightning to 30pin adapter and it looks a little funny but it is still very functional and I am happy.

    Hope this helps someone out there considering the same setup

  • @Modman. Just to be sure. Did you update your iPad to iOS 7 or the firmware to the Alesis IODock? I have been dragging my feet on the iOS 7 upgrade due to some negative reports about bad behavior with audio interfaces.
    I've not heard an update on this forum in regard to that issue. I have an iPad 3 and the Alesis IODock. Appreciatte your input.

  • @thenonanonymous roland capture-ex with iOS7? new ipad mini retina or ipad air?

    ...i really like that audio interface, but does it work with ios7 and last gen idevices?? in ronland's website, they just ignore these last in their compatibility page.

  • Duo capture EX is not working for me with iPad air and iOS 7. Have done all required, incl. switched to TAB, direct monitor OFF, tried different cable adapters, tried settings, privacy and internal mic options, but nothing. Not best pleased. Joined Roland forum and posted a thread about a day ago. Not one fish swimming by it to take a nibble, and Roland uk on holiday till 2nd Jan. I have to say, it's bloody interesting how Roland direct everyone to individual country websites for contact us, and the central knowledge base and compatibility offering is weak to say the least. I like Roland, don't get me wrong, but divide and confuse, in regards to fixing queries in a global market place is unnecessarily juvenile. An honest 'sorry, we don't £&@(ing know' would make me feel marginally better.

  • I just got the Roland Duo Capture, hooked it up to an iPad 4 (didn't need to download any software, etc) and use it with an iRig Blueboard to control Loopy.. Touch wood so far so good, they are working well together

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