Playback loop from beginning.

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I have a loop of audio that's about 22 seconds's movie dialogue. It plays back fine but I want to be able to stop it at different points and then play it back again starting from the beginning.

Every time I stop the loop and then start it later it plays back from where I stopped the loop. I want to restart the loop from the beginning. I know I can twist the loop around but it's not clear to me how to get it back to start easily

Am I missing something? Thnx!!


  • Hey - Loopy doesn't support this kind of out-of-sync playback. You can stop the whole session and restart from the start with the play/pause button on the panel, but that affects all loops. Otherwise, you'll need to track-twist.

  • If you want to play samples of dialog in your song... You might just have to cut it up in another audio editor (heaps available or iOS) and import those peices back into Loopy. OR... Might even be able to stop and start that other app and have it plugged into Audiobus, and have Loppy recording the stop starts into a new track, while Loopy is playing the other tracks you want this to play along with.

  • I think you might be able to trick glitchbreaks into doing this for you. It allows you to trigger samples via the audiobus panel. I don't think you can tell it not to loop though so if you were looking for a one shot, you'd have to turn it off in time!

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