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how to trigger a loop from the start .??

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Hi i 'm using your new midi enabled Loopy with Ableton Live as the clock master with wifi network midi connection!
First attempt was out of sync ... oochh so I restarted the Ipad2 then it worked fine yeahh! So I manage to record a loop in sync with midi control via footswich ..then to mute it ..good ! but could not find how to trigger this loop from start point . I was just able to unmute .. so it was playing from the latter placement .. SO How can I trigger from start at will ?
NB : looking forward the MIDI drum loop import ( as we discussed here earlier) !!


  • Hey @igrecl,

    You can restart the *whole clock* with a MIDI message - you can't actually trigger individual loops from the start, though.
  • Hey Michael,

    I just got your app today and I'm loving it. I'm using your app in a way it was probably not intended, but it would really be nice to somehow be able to trigger the loop from the start. I would need to trigger the loops during live performances at will. I've looked for other apps to get what I want and this has everything I was looking for except for that one feature. If I was to have that, this app would be the perfect app for me.

    I am actually a music educator and I am incorporating the use of the iPad as well as your app to put together what's called a Winterline show (not sure if you are familiar with the activity). I have already started recommending this app to my friends and colleagues and I'm sure an app like this could be popular in the community. I'll be more than happy to keep talking up this app too! This one little addition would make things much easier for me and it replaces the cost of getting the equipment to do what I need.
  • Hey @Balutboi, thanks for the kind words!
    Funny you should mention it, I saw an Australian musician, Kimbra, using this feature in a performance on YouTube the other day, and thought that it'd be really cool in Loopy. It's on my to-do list =)
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