Solo Track action toggles between track settings

Hi Michael, hi everybody,

I guess this one is more of a usability issue than a bug, but I noted that the Solo Track action is sensitive to whether the track has already been selected.

What I'm doing: I use Midi PCs to switch between loops, say, for chorus and bridge parts. Unfortunately, if Loopy gets the same PC command again, it jumps back to the previous state, mostly: to the last loop that I used. So it's really more of a "Toggle Solo Track" action rather than the "Play that damn loop and nothing else, whatever state you were in" action I was actually looking for. Any ideas?

(Well, I could set my FCB1010 to send a "Clear All" command before setting the solo track but...)


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    I had written a long(er and more) wandering question/reply to your post ( which of course got me playing with the function in Loopy :), and before I posted it, realized that simple would be better.

    Solo track versus Toggle Solo (track) : I'm split on this, because it depends on how you use it. If you Solo a track and don't do anything to the other tracks ( e.g. unmute ), then it Toggles when applied again to the same track. If you Solo a track, and then unmute one or more tracks, then it Solos when applied to the same track again.

    As for the "Play that damn loop.....", it appears to do that. It functions much like the Solo on a multi-track, except that you can't have more than one track Soloing ( not really a Solo if there are more than one ;). Click once, it Solos, click a second time, it's back to the way it was before the Solo.

    Maybe I'm missing something, I've been known to do that.

  • Thank you, that helps, because it means that there's a workaround for my problem. The problem being that I'd want to be able to send two identical PC commands, and still end with the soloed track active (something to do with keeping a solo loop but sending different commands to another synth).

    The workaround you made me think of is this: I make the FCB1010 sende another additional toggle command with the preset, and this command just toggles a track containing silence. So I don't care whether it's switched on or off - the important thing is that from Loopy's point of view, the state has changeg, so the next solo PC will really keep the solo track running.

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