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My loopy looper works perfect - better than Boss RC-50!!



  • Amazing rig marc :)

    Just have a question: are you able To close the pedalboard with the small rack inside it?

  • @Marcdetriumph Also another question: why do you go trough The behringher first and not straight In To The UCX?

  • Thx Sir Elkapone ;-)
    No, I need to screw off the fireface to close the case...but that takes just a minute...
    loopy can handle "only" one stereo-input at the same time and I want to be able to record more than two mono-signals without switching the input source.

  • I see... and if i want to use Audiobus... do you know if i can record those two mono inputs + audio from another app into loopy? like a synth or a drum machine?

    Is that case from rockbag?
    I am planning to make a pedalboard like yours, but i would love to be able to have the audio interface always on the board... i still don't know what AI i am going to get... i have a Fireface UCX also, but it's going to stay at home, it's to expensive to be on the stage floor ( it' common for me to drop bottles of water :P)

    I am thinking of the AKAI EIE, but it's a bit "tall" to stay in the pedalboard...

  • Yeah right.
    Jip that works - If u want to record appaudio u need audiobus. Then choose as input source in audiobus "mic" and of course the app u want to record.

    Its a ThonCase - really robust!!!I got that one from ebay :-) i m also plannimg to buy anorher AI - same droping things problem :-D what about the irig pro?


  • I've seen it today on Ik's mailing list... if i go for a setup like yours (with a mixing desk) it could be an option... but the Akai EIE for little more give's you so many more options: 4 ins, 4

  • Just found this, kudos!

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  • @Marcdetriumphe

    How did you get the expression pedals off your FCB? I would love to replace that with a vocal effects unit instead.

  • ...with might and main :-) no kidding...
    I opened the FCB and dismantled the expression pedals

  • I really love you video! I use an iTwo interface from Presonus, but unfortunately the ipad is not charged during audio operation. Is yours charged while connected to the Fireface? Or do you have any suggestion on how to achieve that?

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    @Marcdetriumphe said:

    (4) guitar&Mic-Signals go into the Behringer mixer
    (5) The Mixer-Output (left/right) is connected to the RME-Fireface


    Great setup and performance! Can I ask you something? I'm planning to buy the Xenyx mixer in order to record vocal track into Loopy HD . Does it work also as audio interface standalone? Or I have to connect the mixer to another audio interface? (I would like to bypass your (5) point and going directly from mixer into PA)>

  • Mark you are a genius! ;)
    Thanks for your work.
    I'm about to buy an Ipad, to work with loopy, but all te hardware you have is too much for my economy.
    I was thinking to work with te Ipad, the FCB, and the Behringer iStudio is 202.
    Do you thing it would work good for live performing?
    And... can you use the ipad programs like garageband together with the loopy, so you dont need the pedals?

    Thanks a loot and hope you come to Madrid in life performance!


  • I just picked up the Rolad Duo Capture interface and while I was at the guitar shop I started looking at little mixers and I thought that would be cool to expand the amount of inputs, but then I figured it would be too many links in the chain and there might be latency issues or other issues that might come from adding this, but I think I was looking right at this one you have in the picture! So with that in the chain, do you experience any issues with latency or anything else? If not I think I will definitely pick one up.

  • Antonio, you can definitely use GarageBand or other guitar effects programs with Loopy. Either app can run in the background, so you can have either app on the screen and the other in background mode.

  • Oh OP is the loopy star on youtube!

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