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Pre-count on fade in with count in

edited December 2011 in Support and Feedback
With the 'count-in', Loopy can work like Live, starting the loops at time, but if you set a 'fade-in', the loop seems start delayed.

Would be great if we could set a 'negative fade-in', so te loop and fade in will start before and reach it's top level at the start of the beat.


  • Good point, Juanjo - I might just reconfigure the fade-in so that it always ends on the beat. What about the fade-out?
  • edited December 2011
    Hi Michael.
    For me the fade-out is now ok, so it simulates the decay of envelope or effects, instead of abrupt cut of the sample. Also, with the new comming effects, we will have nice delay and reverbs codas…
  • edited December 2011
    For the fade-in, if you want, you can consider my proposal of positive and negative time for the fade.
    If you set a positive number, it will work like now (maybe there are people using it this way, ando could miss it).
    If you set a negative number (left half of the control bar?) it will count the time backwards the beat start. However maybe has sense if you prefer to make the negative discount dependent on the 'count-in' setting. (So the discount has no sense if there is not 'count-in')
  • Ooh, I like that! Very good idea - sold! I'll pop it in.
  • Nice! I'm very glad that you like it!
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