Any interface confirmed working with USB Midi devices and Audio / Guitar in at the same time?

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IO Dock / Amp Dock suggest they give us MIDI and audio and USB but I have read reports that the MIDI is 5-pin only and the USB is just for connection to a computer.

I would like to be able to use the small USB MIDI devices various manufacturers have created for laptops while recording a guitar.

A workaround could be the Kenton box that converts USB Midi to 5-pin but that seems overkill.

Someone has mentioned before elsewhere the Behringer UMA 25S + camera kit would provide USB MIDI input and Audio at the same time if run from a PSU. Has anyone tried this?

Better still does anyone know of a smaller interface that will do both?



  • What are you trying to do? I have anAlesis iO4 and I can record guitar or mic audio, stopping and starting with a midi pedal reliably (5 pin DIN cable plugged straight into iO4 MIDI port). Makes me assume (and you never know!) that the Alesis iO dock thingy probably does the same. I have also used midi out once, to use iPad keyboard to play external sampler module (once only, but it confirms that both MIDI in and out work).

    Are you trying to use two cheap devices instead of one, more expensive, device that can do both things? Or are you just concerned that if you spend the money, it still won't reliably work? If reliability is your concern, this is the right place to ask for others experience with different devices.

    Just to clarify - if a device has 5 pin connector - that's MIDI solved for you, right there. If a 'MIDI device' only has a USB connector (not 5 pin DIN), it adds a whole extra layer of drivers that are needed by your device, although some of these devices may be 'class compliant', meaning devices support them without having to install specific drivers for them. Either way, if it has the 5 pin connector - it's normally simpler to use - particularly if you want to use a real instrument or MIDI pedal.

    Hope this helps.


  • @toni - yeah i stumbled on that shortly after posting this - would give the desired result but was hoping for something simpler. What i still wasnt sure about after watching the video was whether the hack would be necessary even if only one usb port was required.

    @gary - having just one device would be my preference and i can see a handful of options for audio and 5-pin midi input at the same time, however i'm keen on some of the newer, smaller control surfaces (korg nano devices or akai apc40 or the icon g-board footpedal for example) but they are all using usb midi. I could do this using the kenton usb to 5-pin midi converter but that is adding another box and extra expense.

    I've not got a specific setup in mind really, just looking at what might be possible. Loopy was the program that finally saw me betray hardware so i'm missing having knobs to fiddle with and stomp on!

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